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My apologies for the disorganization of my tiny Portfolio here... it's a mess (Trying to feature Locals). The interface for "free" members is so clunky and non-intuitive. I need to redo it all, but can not figure out how to move the photos around. I do not really shoot below the waist nudity unless specifically requested by the Model... my interest is more towards headshots. The Smoking Stuff I because I run a Smoking Fetish Site - it pays... and finding ways to make money from my Photography necessitates certain types of shots.

The RONA has been such a good experience for all of us because it's allowed us to put our lives on hold and ... it's been shit, pure shit. I hope it's been better for you.

Anyhow... still NOT working which is my least favorite thing to do. And to be honest I check this pretty infrequently because it reminds me of what I COULD be doing, but instead can not.

When I preview my own work here... I think it often looks "flat" because when I edit I'm working with these big image files full of detail... and so much of the color and texture and pop gets lost when scaled down to 100-200K to fit the format... but 2 to 4mb files load so slowly... so there is a balance between image quality and viewing experience. I'm working on a fully color corrected large format monitor, but most people are viewing on a phone with a limited data plan... so there is that. Am I overthinking this? Opinion.

"American comedian George Carlin first listed in his 1972 "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" monologue.[1] The words, in the order Carlin listed them, are: "shit", "piss", "fuck", "cunt", "cocksucker", "motherfucker", and "tits"."

======= The Devolution of ART MAN and COMMON SENSE =========

Here we are 49 years later and we are now being Censored by VISA, Mastercard, and nearly all the Bank Processors because they are scared of boobs! Christ will the IDIOTS in charge ever grow the fuck up? It's been almost 50 years... humans are NOT EVOLVING... Darwin was wrong. Ask me how I really feel about all this bullshit Censorship.

=========== Inspiring Quotes Below =============

Seems like anything I write here I read a few days later and realize it is dumb. But I write it anyways... "Why do things that only happen to stupid people keep happening to me" - Homer Simpson

"You are going to fail, more than you succeed; but you have to embrace that." - Joe McNally

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou