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Mar 24, 2024
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Oct 26, 2011

About Me

[b]Chattanooga, TN.[/b]

Currently looking for something quieter and shooting a lot of film. Primarily working from my studio in downtown Chattanooga, TN.
Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, places in between.
No TF unless you’re a legit badass and I have the time and desire to add you to my body of work. Be advised that if we shoot on TF terms, it will be only with the intent to submit for publication. This means that you will receive zero images from me until said publication has been printed.

I offer a relaxed, comfortable working atmosphere with professional courtesy. In return, I don't ask for much; be interesting, professional, and passionate.
Bring your own ideas to the table and let's make something rad.
I enjoy what I do and I like to have fun while I do it. That being said, I'm quite serious about what I do.

[b]Flakes:[/b] You know the drill.

[b]Please note:[/b] I do not have my e-mail notifications enabled.
What does this mean to you? I'm glad you asked. It means that, while it's super rad that you take time to post comments or tags, I will likely never see them because I never receive the e-mail notifications and I'm not the type to look through my comments or tags daily in hopes of finding something new.
It also means that if you have an interest in working with me, you should probably message me rather than leave a tag or comment. I log in a couple times a week to check my messages.

[b]Brass Tacks:[/b]
[i](This is the boring shit you don't want to read but it has earned its place on my profile for various reasons and, therefore, is totes worth reading)[/i]
Please do not solicit me for paid work. This does [i]not[/i] mean that I'm above paying a model. It means that If I'm interested in paying a model for his or her time, I will reach out to those individuals that interest me most asking about their rates either because I have a client with a budget, or because I have a strong desire to add them to my portfolio.

If you contact me to shoot I will assume it is for one of three reasons:
a) You're a total badass in front of the lens and have a striking look that I [i]must[/i] add to my portfolio and you are confident that a TF* shoot might be of interest to me.
b) You're interested in my rates, which are quite reasonable.
c) You're interested in submitting to a quality publication and feel that we would mutually benefit from a collaboration which stands a reasonable chance of being published.

Some notes about submissions:
I love publications... I do [i]not[/i] love [i]all publications[/i]. If I feel my style does not fit a particular publication, I'm probably not interested in submitting to them on my dime.
Your input on image selection is certainly valued and will gladly be taken into consideration. However, final selection of images to be submitted for publication is ultimately my decision.
The of the above conditions regarding submissions may be negotiated if:
a) You're paying my rates to shoot images for submission to the publication of your choice.
b) We have worked together in the past and I trust your judgment.
c) You have a number of publications under your belt [i]and[/i] I trust your judgment.