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About Me

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"Don't talk about it, be about it.
Let me see, let me see, let me see"........
(Bonus Points if you are singing it!)

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"I find beauty in imperfections and see Photography as the interim between Fantasy and Reality"(You can quote me on this one!)

"Coiled" Model: Ginger Lovett

"La Gata Negra" Model: Jamila

"Black Jaguar" Model: Jamila

"Natural" Model: Jamila

"Guilty" Model: Venus Star

"Kingston's Angel" Model: Jamila

"ANTM Auditions 2013" Model: Jamila

"Nubian Princess Mila" Model: Jamila

"Princess Mila" Model: Jamila

"Vogue Mila" Model: Jamila

"Purple" Model: Jamila

"December Sunset - The Dock of the Bay" Model: Jamila

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FEATURED MODEL: Holly Allen - Miss Wyoming USA 2012

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FEATURED ROCKSTAR / MODEL: Missy Vee Marie a.k.a. Miss Tattoo


Check out Katherine's work in the Movie "Mother Country" at the SF-Indi Fest
-The Soft Side of the Action Heroine- Actress/Model: Katherine Celio



I am Teo a Freelance Photographer,born and raised in Milan, Italy, Bay Area transplanted since 1993, I am Happy-go-Lucky (read HAPPY, not naive) and looking to collaborate with like-minded happy, Happy, HAPPY (H-A-P-P-Y) individuals that feed on art and creativity as a healthy way of life.

With photography I am looking to create compelling images that tell a story, trigger emotions and most importantly make the viewer FEEL.

I have a Studio in Japantown DT San Jose and shoot outdoor anywhere around the Bay and along the Coast.

Let's create amazing images.

Teo =]

Yours Truly  -  Photo: Jamila  2013  -  [email protected]

Friendly note: I Love everyone without conditions, and I get along and make friends with most everyone I meet, however If you poke me in the eye with malice, expect to be poked in the eye right back! That's how Mama taught me and Mama knows best! smile

Please take a read if you are planning to collaborate with me:

PAID WORK: Paid Work will always take priority over TF, so schedules get adjusted accordingly and with enough notice.

PAID MODELS: I do not pay Models, Clients pay Models.

TF WORK: Only considered if I have contacted you or if you bring Exceptional Ideas or Exceptional Looks. My Time x Your Time to shoot + more of my Time to edit 5 to 10 High Resolution images of your choice (5 to 10 means that: If we only shoot one set/one outfit I will not edit 10 images of the same set/outfit. 5 images are guaranteed with any TF, the other 5 images are at my discretion). No Exceptions on # of images for trade work. I am Quality not Quantity.

*If you wish for anything more than what my TF provides, my rates are listed below!

DELIVERABLES: I only deliver fully edited images. I do not release RAW files and do not release all images from a shoot unless it is PAID WORK. I know you are different but No Exceptions.

*If you wish for anything more than what my TF provides, my rates are listed below!

EDITING: I do my own editing and take my time to do it right. Third parties are not allowed to manipulate my images, so if your intention is to have someone else re-edit my photos you should ask that person to re-shoot the photos as well.

ESCORTS: If you need an "Escort" for comfort we can always arrange to have an MM MUA of your choice (with an active MM portfolio) present at the shoot. I do not allow your friends in my studio to just "hang out". They are welcome to drop you off and pick you up. No exceptions.

FLAKES: I do not reschedule Flakers no matter how compelling the "excuse" is.

DRAMA-FREE ZONE: All my shoots are fun and Drama-Free , I only work with Happy Models with a Positive Attitude and no Drama, Bad Attitude, Issues or hang-ups.

When we'll meet, please, do not mistake the nicety of my character as an open invitation to walk all over me. I am Nice not Naive....and I am hard to walk on! I can provide you with refrences to the few that have tried. =]



Paid Assignments: We shoot what you want, as you want it, when you want it.

The Basic Rates 2014:

•    Single Beauty Shot: $75.00/100.00 (Will shoot 20-30 images, YOU select the 1 image you’d like to have edited). Time: 1 Hr. Deliverables: 1 High Resolution Edited Image both in Color and B&W. Additional images available at a cost.

•    Models/Actors Portfolio Head Shot: $250.00 (Will shoot 50-100 images, YOU select the 3 images you’d like to have edited). Time: 2.5 Hr. Deliverables: 3 High Resolution Edited Image both in Color and B&W. Additional images available at a cost.

•    Models/Actors Complete Portfolio: $400.00 (Will shoot 100-300 images, YOU select the 6 images you’d like to have edited) Both Full Body and Head Shots. Time: 4 Hr. Deliverables: 6 High Resolution Edited Image both in Color and B&W. Additional images available at a cost.

Above rates can be negotiated on a per-project basis, they apply to Studio Work Only. Your Wardrobe, Your MUA, my Studio.

On Location Shoots are negotiated on a per-project and location basis depending on assignment.

Unless otherwise noted, all Deliverables are in the form of Electronic Files. Museum Quality Printing is available ad additional cost per image.

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist are available upon request at very affordable rates.

Sample images available upon request

Phone number available upon email contact to avoid Phone-Spam.

[email protected]

© All images are the exclusive property of and they may not be reproduced, copied, published, blogged, edited or manipulated by a third party without prior written consent by The above applies for both Personal or Professional use.

© 2014. All Rights Reserved

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For the sake of "Quick and Up-to-Date Reference" I am only listing the most recent of the many talented muses I have been blessed to collaborate with. My thanks go out to all the wonderful Models I have had the pleasure to collaborate with through the years. Thank You, THANK YOU! 

Raven Hera 3124211 *Teo it was such a pleasure working with you! I love your creativity and passion for photography and I look forward to collaborating with you again! smile -Raven

Imani Cupe' 1285813 *Teo you have to be THE most amazing, dedicated, creative, and driven, photographer I have ever worked with. You took my shoot idea beyond my highest expectations! I am pleased to have the honor of working with you and meeting you. I will be more than excited to shoot again soon!

Katherine Celio - Katjc 2392747 *Teo! Thank you so much for your kind words!! I had the most Amazing time shooting with you!! You went above and beyond all my expectations. You are a pro!!! You put me at ease the moment I stepped in the door. You brought all these ideas to fruition and made them even better than what I had in my head. I am so so so so so sooo grateful for that! And to top it all off, I had the best time! I can't wait to work with you again!!

Luchi 2436033  *WOW Teo..! I have Truly Been Blessed to Work with Someone Like you..! Ur Zeal and Passion for what you do really Shines though in every Image. Without Effort you really captured the Beauty in ME..! You are so friendly and so knowledgeable about your craft that I couldn’t help but be Comfortable with working with you..! YOU’RE THE BEST! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

RiAnn Sala 1681087  *You, exceedingly hospitable Italian, you! I am willing to be your muse any day! I appreciate your professionalism and your surefire knack at nailing down what we envisioned. Thank you. I absolutely cannot wait for our next shoot!

_VIVIDD 1753125  *Teo, you are an award-winning personality and you are exceptional at capturing the utter sensuality of your models. I am looking forward to another fun collaboration! :]

Kayla Tran 2383418 *Teo, you were UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING, PHENOMENALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD to work with!! BEST SHOOT OF MY LIFE hands down! Pure talent, just brilliant. You rock my MM world! Models, book him like white on rice! 

Meeko Monae 2131621  *Teo, Awesome shoot. So glad I worked with you. You are an amazing fun individual to shoot with. Thank you

Nicole Desireee 2383884  *Teo!! I had a whole lot of fun with you today! We need to start our talk show soon;) haha you're hilarious and such a sweet guy, I've never worked with anyone so outgoing! Can't wait to go back and finish all of our ideas:) you're the best!

Missy Vee Marie 1898304  *Suuuupper fun as expected! Man these photos were effin greatt! And makes me think how even better the next shoot will be and the one afte that...i love working with you. You make me

Keppie 2372006  *Teo, you are by far the greatest photographer I have ever worked with! You're creative, resourceful, have a great sense of humor, and made me feel super comfortable from the moment I walked in the room! Shooting with you was tons of fun, full of great energy, and I can't stop looking at the incredible photos we got! You truly made me look my BEST :]~

Arvi Maxwell 1771574  *I have worked with MANY photographers from all over the country but I call you a genius! I've shot with Playboy, King mag (etc) photographers who have been doing this for years and you put their work to shame! Thanks a MILLION for all your hard work, professionalism and dedication! Teo, much love & respect! xoxo

Jennafur Ammanduh 2346417  *Teo!!! I had an amazing shoot with you! You made me feel super comfortable and I had so much fun. I am stoked to work with you again soon!!

Brooke Lynn 2246452  *Teo, Thank you so much for your work! I cant wait to see what you do with them thanks again for your time, working with you was amazing, look forward to do it again soon!

Amy Meng 2279073  *Teo I said it on Tuesday and I'll say it again - BEST photo shoot to date! Not just because we took a ridiculous amount of truly amazing photos, but also because you really made the whole experience fun, inspiring, enjoyable and absolutely a cut above the rest smile And I PROUDLY hold up my award for longest photo shoot of your career so far time I'm packing a suitcase and a tooth brush! LOL... Truly and sincerely, it was a joy and an honor to shoot with you and I really look forward to the next time we work/shoot/make creative magic together! Amy (spelled the right and only way)

And more.......Just ask!