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Oct 18, 2023
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Oct 11, 2005
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About Me

My Name is Nannette, I am 54yrs old.  I am interested in doing print work, book covers etc. by  I am looking for someone that has the contacts to get me in magazines, books etc.  TFP is fine, but then what?  If you have the ability to get me some work, please feel free to contact me.  Nannette

(Not what you expected)

Do I have a attitude?
Yes indeed, cause I'm striving for success,
to be all I can be, I hold my head high as I walk the walk,
allow the words to roll off my tongue, as I talk the talk,
Do I have a attitude? Well I just might,
never given anything without a fight,
I've taken the minimal and made the most,
damn right I feel I have reason to boast,  So what if I feel that
I should stroll across rose petals on the floor,  Hell if you ask me
I deserve that and much more,
Do I have a attitude?  Do I have a attitude?
Yes, indeed 

Written by Nannette

Born in Millen, GA, but spent half my life in Brooklyn, N.Y.  This has made me a little bit nice, with a whole lot of spice.  Model, Actress, Poet, Mother, Grandmother, Wife are all words that have been used to describe Nannette. One thing that I want people to know, is that things are not always what they seem.  People are not always who they seem. “So lets all work on stopping all the judging through superficial values”.  Nannette has modeled and written poetry for years, she was launched into the acting field thru her spoken word.  Giving a performance so believable, that the audience thought she had actually gone thru a traumatic event.  Realizing that she had talent in a few different areas, she decided to just shoot for the stars.  Always seeming to fall in between the cracks, in all areas.  I decided to make my own way.  I decided that if I could not fit into the traditional mold, I would mold my own tradition.  Change in America  is like a domino effect,  we never see that first domino fall but we know that things change.  I have determined that I can't wait for the change, I need to make the change happen myself.  I do not have a tragic story to tell you, nor have I had a terrible upbringing.  I as well, can not tell you that my life has been perfect.  I have taken the minimal and made the most, I have tried to show the world a new way of looking at age, color, size and you name it.  No, I can not change the world alone, but I can make change start with me.  I can encourage difference, even the ones that I don't agree with.  If every flower in the garden looked the same, what a boring garden that would be.  Who says that you have to stop being who you are at a certain age?  Who says that anyone has the right to tell you, that your life is over once you have children.  Do you still not dream the same dreams that you dreamed as a child?  Do you still not have the hope that you had as a child?  Who has the right to tell us, that it is over?  I say lets take back our control, If you are 100yrs old  and you look good, then flaunt it.  It is a blessing from God, and I don't think he would want you to waste it.  Although America is the land we live on, we make up America.  One thing that I have found to be true, is that if a trend starts , America will jump on board.  So lets start that tend, age is nothing but a number.  If a person is a good parent, then they should be able to follow there dreams.  I am following my dreams, because I refuse to waste Gods talents.  I hope that I can be the first domino of change in your life.  Even If you can not see yourself making the change, just know that there are people like me out there fighting for us all.  I will be the r mature model on the shoot, I will be the actress that is ageless, I will be the spoken word artist that can cross the age barriers.  And with my fight, maybe it will allow you to decide later what it is you want to do.  Just know that Nannette represent fine wine, she and we get better with time.

What Am  I?

If the children are the future,
and the elderly are the past,
can someone tell me, where I fit in this great vast?
To young to be an elder,
to old to be a child,
Does this mean that my life must be mild?
No, I'm not going out without a fight,
I got to much energy to be kept out of sight,
I don't care, what the rules say,
ain't nobody gonna stop me from having my play,
I'm going to live my life,
and not let my life live me,
I still have time, to be all I can be,
Don't let no one tell you, it's time to slow down,
they will take you plane and keep it on the ground,
Life is like wine, it gets better with time,
if you follow these rules, yours can be as good as mine.

I know who I am.

Written by Nannette

Thru me there is change

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