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Sep 26, 2012
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Oct 28, 2010
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About Me

Hey everyone!
I just recently changed my display name as I do understand that the name I formerly modeled under was a bit "much" for some people's taste. I'm looking to better and advance my career as a model and sometimes people do need to make a few changes in order to do so.
For everyone who knew me under my former name of "Abortion Candy" I just wanted to write this little blip for you. For everyone else who wonders why a model would choose that name to model under here it is... "Abortion: indicates a defect in the soul; DENIAL OF NATURE"

About Me: Call me Dren. Don’t want to read the rest my ramblings but want to book me? It would be in your best interest to read the ‘BOOKING INFO’ section. If I can tell you didn’t read it, chances are I won’t respond.
-I am a member of ARMA (the Associate for Renaissance Martial Arts) so I am willing to do shoots with and have access to swords.
-I love to dance.
-I’ve a hyper-mobility disorder that allows me flexibility the majority of the population does not have.
-I very open and willing to try new things and new shoot ideas.
-I DO NOT SHOOT PORN OF ANY FORM!!!! FYI –shibari and nudity is NOT pornography in of itself.
-I love photography that numbs your brain.
-I love pole dancing! Have a stable pole and a nice background to do some wicked pole dancing shoots? I'm down.

Availability: My availability as of now is pretty open. Send me a message to book me.

Rates/TF: My TF time is incredibly limited. I do have bills and rent to pay so I can’t do everything for free. My rates are very reasonable. Contact me to find out more. I will shoot for wardrobe!

Escorts: I reserve the right to bring along an escort, male or female. They will not interfere with the shoot in any way, shape, or form and may even be used to aide you in the shooting process.

MUAs: Up to this point all the makeup in my portfolio has been done by me unless otherwise noted. I am totally open to working with MUAs.

Travel: I love to travel! If you want to shoot with me and you’re outside of a half-hour traveling radius then I will require that you pay for my traveling expenses. If I need to fly, you pay for my ticket and hotel and I’ll be there.

Booking Info: If you are interested in booking with me, please provide the following information along with your inquiry:
1) Location
2) Shoot Details
3) Travel Compensation
4) Approximate date, time and duration of the shoot
5) Planned usage of the photos
6) Contact information

Body Mods: I can absolutely appreciate other’s ink but I can’t decide what and where I would want any more ink. Thus, I have only one small tattoo on my inner left wrist.
As far as piercings -- they’re removable, therefore, I have plenty and intend on getting more. I currently have an industrial bar and 2 plugs in my right ear (gauges 6 and 0), a double spiral, cartilage, and a 0 gauge in my left ear. In addition I have my left nostril, septum, tongue, upper frenulum (smiley), naval, and labret pierced as well as 3 microdermals in my chest. *MOST* of my piercings are removable and easily changed if need be.
Want to photograph a piercing I don’t have? Just ask. You pay for the piercing and let me find a competent piercer and I’ll gladly have needles shoved through my skin.

Nudes: Obviously I do shoot nudes. However, if at any point in time any part of the shoot makes me feel uncomfortable I reserve the right to end it. The nudes I shoot are tasteful and are NOT pornography.
I am particular about what I allow to be shown in the nudes. Absolutely no crotch shots! You’re not a gynecologist so there’s no need to take pictures which allow you to inspect my ovaries and uterus.

Contracts: I read all contracts put in front of me so I know what I am getting myself into. Do NOT try to pull bullshit over on me. I will (probably) sign your model release after reading it, however, I will NEVER under ANY circumstances sign your 2257 form.

Fetish/Bondage Work: I am more than willing to do shibari work and other kinds of fetish work. However, if you are contacting me for this kind of work then I will expect at LEAST 3 credible references and I WILL contact them. If your bondage photography consists of girls that look like hookers tied up in your hotel room then I absolutely will NOT shoot with you. Any fetish/bondage work I do must be done tastefully and safely. I also reserve all rights to bring an escort along to such shoots. If you try to deny me this right then I will assume you have ill intentions and will NOT shoot with you.

Concepts/Ideas I Will NOT Shoot: Cliché bullshit.
-laying on a beach with the sun setting
-bathtubs full of rose petals, milk, etc.
-anything sticking out from my crotch or ass
-caution tape
-candy covering my naughty bits
-bikini’s and weaponry –separately these are great things. Together makes me want to punch you in the face.
-cheesy, crappy Twilight-esque vampirisms
-horribly done fake blood scenes
-**if it’s been done a thousand times before I have no interest in shooting it again**

Concept/ Ideas I Would Love to Shoot: Unique, dark, perverse ideas.
-my Pit Bull puppy (I am severely against dog fighting so if your intent is pro-dog fighting go shove your head in a meat grinder and die.)
-pro gay
-aerial acrobatics
-body painting
-Victorian era-esque
-anything that screams ‘Fuck You!’
-pole dancing

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Photographers I Have Worked With--
MM Numbers:
• Vince396 (318193)
• Moonray2012 (1739632)
• Michael Dykstra (802981)
• M Blaze Miskulin (466417)
• Frozen Dreams Foto (54564)
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• Damien2011 (2000206)
• Jen Le (Green Martini #1129)
• Mark Hersch (Facebook)
• Water Watts (1018475)
• Mother Ghost (84437)

Models/MUAs I Have Worked With--
MM Numbers:
• Amber IB (1224764)
• Rose Marie MKE (1896532)
• Mac Davis (2700)
• Katie Damron (807449)
• Cat Lasee (417452)
• Valerie Whitacker (5028)
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