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*All content and photography on this site © 2009 by ADphotography. All Rights are Reserved. Reproduction of photographs from this web site without the written permission of ADphotography is strictly prohibited*


"Aundria is extremely talented and fun to work with! It was nice to collaborate with a photographer that was very professional and organized. She's so creative and energetic. Any model would be lucky to shoot with her!"
                                          Daniella Robinson

"Wow!  The image came out really great!  I am very pleased and it was a pleasure working with you.  You were so warm and it was like meeting an old friend.  I look forward to seeing the finished product in the gallery and collaborating with you in the future"
                                          -Madia Risi

"My pictures where excellent, She is very professional thats the first thing I got to say very professional she knows exactly what she is doing and she is on time!!!.. She has a very good eye and personality she is so nice!!! great lighting and great ideas and the quality was 10/10 . Very easy to work with, Im very happy I found her. Im using my pictures for my portfolio thats what agencies look for (professional well done photos) I cant wait for our next fotoshoot, she has great ideas,  Im happy to be part of ADphotography! THANKS Aundria"
                                          -Beny (Miss Benny)

"WOW!! Working with Aundria was a great experience she is so outgoing. energetic, and always have ideas running through her mind. The pictures came out GREAT! Hope to work with you more often. smile"
                                        -Ashley Loren (AshLoren)

I do not release un-edited pictures to models, so please don’t ask!

Sacramento based Photographer and a Photoshop Wizard Aundria Dawson with ADphotography has been shooting for a little over 1 year. Aundria has a  passion for photography. She loves what she does, and is willing to take all kinds of photos. She's been told by photographers that she's good at what she does. She is right now attending Sacramento City College to get her AA degree in photography, along with career certificates in digital, commercial, photojournalism, fine theatre arts, stock and portrait and wedding photography. She loves being creative, and She loves working with people. She enjoys working indoors and outdoors. She also does retouching using PhotoShop CS3 and Protrait Professional.

Her goal is to collaborate with creative minds to produce photographs of high-impact; photos that scream at the viewers and grab their attention.

Contact her for rates and info. Her rates are very reasonable for what you will get in return. Negotiating is always an option and she can be bribed with camera gear. She is  limiting the amount of TFCD she does each month. This is a business, so earning a living or at least some food for dinner is kind of important.  She will consider it for the right shoot and model, but it has to be something special that will truly add to her portfolio.

She is very professional and believe that hard work and attention to details really makes a difference.

Proof of age: Please bring 2 forms of ID that shows your Full name and Date of Birth. I will need to take a picture of it to keep on file. You must be at least 18 for me to shoot you. Will only shoot selected Minors.

Make up: I will attempt to find one prior to our shoot. I may ask you to help split the cost for a MUA. Playing middle man is hard, so if i find one for you, you will need to contact the MUA directly and arrange a time and place to meet.

Different look?: If you have a different look than what i have seen in your portfolio let me know. Hair shorter or different color? Tattoos? Piercing's?

Details in your profile are correct: If your details are not up to date then let me know. Example; age, weight, measurements, etc.

Nails: If you have chipped nails, fix them or remove polish... PLEASE!

Bring jewelry, accessories, hats, props, and anything else that you would love to shoot with! This could be your dog, cat, snake, car, bike, bong, picture, booze, smokes, WHATEVER! I want to see it all!!

Outfits: This does not apply if we have decided on a particular wardrobe for you or we are having a Stylist. I want you to bring a ridiculous amount of clothes. Bras/strapless bras, tons of shoes and boots, sexy undies/lingerie, bathing suits, dresses, all your crazy, hot, costumey, ugly, awesome clothes.

I usually shoot up to 2-3 outfits, more if it is an all day shoot. I can be picky sometimes so bring 5 or 6 outfits that we can choose from. I usually don't shoot more than 2-3 hours with exception of an all day shoot, however don't plan anything after the shoot. Sometimes we may shoot longer than expected and I don't like being rushed during a shoot. Travel light, don't bring a suitcase to the beach. Use a duffle bag to carry your stuff. Dragging a suit case at the beach isn't fun and very hard since you can't use rollers. At other locations a suitcase maybe ok.

Some outfit suggestions to bring as well:

• 2 piece bikini. 1 piece swimsuits(if you bring one-piece has to be sexy).

• Button up shirts or light sweater. Or something that is open in the front.

• Denim shorts.

• Booty shorts.

• Calvin Klein underwear/camisole.
• Mid drift tops.
• Short dresses.

• Wraps.

• Sheer tops/dresses

At other locations besides the beach, you can bring:

• Leather jacket

• Boots/heels

• Victoria's Secret/lingerie.

• etc.

Spray on tans: Do not use spray on tans. Use a tanning salon instead. I can work with pale skin a lot easier than blotches from spray on tan. If your skin is blotchy, i won't shoot you. Don't waste my time or yours.

Your Phone number and email: If I didn't get your phone number, please make sure i get it. My number is 916-968-3850. I confirm several times before our shoot usually by text message or call. I will call on the day of the shoot to confirm meetup location and time. I use email as a backup for messaging and for sending you images.

PLEASE keep your phone charged. Yes I have models phone die on the day of our shoot and I can't get hold of them. Needless to say, each model's phone that has died, I end up going home as they were arriving to the shoot.

If you don't hear from me the day before the shoot, please call or message me for confirmation. Some days i get over 40 emails scheduling with models. Through back and forth messaging, i may forget to add you to my calendar

Online Magazine submissions:
Looking for models who want to get a tear sheet. It helps you and i get more exposure. I have several magazines that we can submit to if you don't know of any.

Playboy Playmate or Special Edition:
If you want to submit pictures let me know. One of my goals is to get a model accepted.

In the event that we do a TFCD shoot, her rules are as follows:
Model’s license shall include the right to display the Promotional and/or Portfolio Images for purposes of self promotion. Model shall have no right to resell or re-license the Promotional and/or Portfolio Images for any other purpose without my permission.

1. You must sign a release. No release, no shoot. Sorry
2. She will go though all images and the good ones will get a basic fix and clean-up
3. The Model will get 5 edited images. Each additional image will be an additional charge.
4. The selected images will be provided to the Model via a virtual FTP Server ("yousendit") in high-resolution as well as low resolution watermarked images for the web.
5. The Model does not have any rights to edit the images in anyway. Sorry but she don’t think anyone is as qualified as her to make artistic interpretations of her work.

[b]Following The Shoot
Important steps that matter

How long will I have to wait for my images:

you will get a pdf of your unedited images to choose from, at this time you will get a preview of all images. Once you choose your images the retouch process begins and getting back your images varies greatly. On a standard basis there is a minimum 2 week delay that can go up to 4 weeks.

Image processing info:

1) Images will be resized and stamped with “ADphotography” logo for web. You will get printed and web sized images. These images will be send via yousendit (a online ftp server).

2) You need to choose your favourites. Prior to the shoot we should have agreed on the number of images you can select. Additional images above this number can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

You will be notified when all photos have been sent.

How to use your photos:

Any personal use is ok. This means your printed portfolio, business or comp cards, or your website. It is also ok to use images on websites such as OneModelPlace, ModelMayhem, Facebook & MySpace.

Where you can't use the photos:

Basically any commercial use of the images is not allowed without additional approval by the photogapher. This excludes your own personal businesses, but includes uses such as sponsors advertising, giving images for free to magazines etc.

Can I add my artwork to the images:

Yes, you can add your own artwork to advertise your website and / or business to the images. However artwork (eg company logo etc) advertising any other business / website may not be added without prior agreement from me.

Do I need to give you credit for the images:

Yes give credit / links when my images are used.

I want to submit some of the images to the magazines – can I:

Yes, Please do! It is important to understand that you need to advise me of such a situation as I need to discuss with the publishers according to the release of the rights of usage.

Can I use the images in web-based competitions:

Yes, as long as they give a credit to me and to not add their own artwork to the images then you are perfectly welcome and encouraged to use the images in this way.

Who owns the photos:

The photographer. Unless there is a written agreement on a price and you buy copyright of selected or all images from the photographer, then copyright remains that of the photographer and creator of the photographs.

Will you use any of our images on your website:

I always use at least one photo from each shoot on my website. It does sometimes take me a little while to get the images online, but it will go up. Only the very best of my images make it to the portfolio section of my website.

She don’t have a problem with models bringing an escort to her shoot. She will not shoot a minor without an escort. For Adults its an option. Two’s company, three’s a crowd, so all models are allowed to bring one escort.

Contact Info
email: [email protected]
ph: 916.968.3850 (Can Leave a Message If I Dont Pick Up)


Welcome to my page

Thank you for visiting my page
★Feel free to send me a Msg about my rates★

Are you a model with  photos that should look great but just pop or show you at your best? Or maybe you are a photographer who just doesn't have the time to devote to post-processing. Take a look at my posted before-n-after images, and if you think your work could benefit from my assisstance, please drop me a message. As always, looking forward to working with you.Do something! Take Your Photography to the Next Level! Exclusive Retouch & Manipulation! Contact me today!

◄I'm interested in working with serious enquirers only►


• If you are not a photographer, and you happen to be a
model, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, etc. Then you probably
don't own the copyright to the image. If you are not the
copyright holder, you must ask the owner if he or she is okay
with me altering his or her image(s) in any way or form before
I begin editing the image.

• You can send me the image(s) however you wish just as
long and its convenient for both of us.

• I will give you an estimate on the work, based on the
image quality and the services you request.

• I will send you a copy of the new image(s) for you to
access the progress. If you have any problems or details you
want me to fix/add then I will complete your request at my
highest capability.

*Every photoshop wizard has their own price for work. Please do not expect me to set my prices to that of another wizard. Prices are definitely negotiable though. Each wizard is unique, with their own style.

*Payment is expected first before I send any final edits of the image(s)

* I'd also appreciate that if you post your picture with my retouching/manipulation, that you credit me. 

What I Need:
-High-Res Image File. I accept RAW, JPEGs, and TIFFs (large image files may be sent through sites like, etc.)

-Message detailing what needs to be done on photo(s), and how you would like the photos returned to you - color space and file type specified...etc.

-Deposit of 50% to start working on images
*All payments can be made through PayPal with a PayPal account or with any major credit card

Other Notes:
-Full payment must be made before I will send you the high res files.

-I will send watermarked proofs of each image throughout the process to ensure that the retouching is going the way you would like.

-Retouching of one image usually can be returned in the same day unless I am super busy. Bulk images could take a week or more depending on how many images there are. I will always get them back to you asap.

-If corrections are needed after I give you the proofs, then I will require 2 more days to fulfill that requirement and will send proofs within that time frame.

When contacting me to get a quote don't forget to introduce yourself, add a brief description of your project and what would you like done, attach a compressed JPEG for each image describing what you would like retouched and, if needed, sample images with desired results.

*My works are all copyrighted. Don't copy, edit, reproduce or published my works without my written permission!
All rights reserved.*

We are not magicians or wizard's as MM may make you believe, we don't wave a magic wand and presto your image is amazing. We take a well shot image with correct lighting and use of a good MUA, and enhance the qualities of the image....that's what we do. Anyone that tells you that they can transform every image or series 100% of the time into masterpieces, is either lying, or high...or both. No two images are ever the same, therefore results will always vary. For the best image results, send us print standard high resolution 300dpi+ in RAW or TIFF Format. JPEG is a compressed image format, therefore the quality is not going to be the best. We cannot guarantee the quality of the post-edit if you send a lower quality image or if the image wasn't shot correctly. We have a high standard when it comes to our edits, to ensure you get the highest quality, the original image has to be of a high quality to start with. Be sure to include detailed instructions for the editing, that way we are all on the same page and gets the job done quicker. Please don't take this the wrong way but I DO NOT teach or give tutorials/seminars in Photoshop as I honestly don't have the time or resources, however I will gladly point you in the right direction if you have a specific editing/retouching question.

This is my career, this is how I pay my bills, this is how I feed my family, this is how I keep the roof over their heads, therefore I don't work for free as I wouldn't expect you to either. I have thousands of images that I can use in my portfolio sitting on my hard drive that I honestly don't need anymore = NO TF*, I have paid my dues.

Contact Info
email: [email protected]
ph: 916.968.3850 (Can Leave a Message If I Dont Pick Up)


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•Sacramento City College Newspaper (Spring 2008)
•NINE5FOUR MAGAZINE (October 2008)


•Fashion Week-Launch Party/Show (April 2008)
•Sac City Rollers (September 2008)

•Sacramento City College Athletic Department (March 2009)
•UC Davis (April 2009)


•Jahmeelah Sullins
•Rahiim Paige MM#673167 (x2)
•Amelia Paige
•Josh(C4)-(Gospel Rap Artist)
•Joshua(J-Smoove)-(Gospel Rap Artist)
•Bailey JO
•Irene Santos(Kiala) MM#807116
•AshLoren MM#602161
•Tiffany.Brutailty MM#440507
•Mandi MM#39101
•Rachel Prey MM#820287
•Jessica MM#542863
•Naomi MM#799080
•Miss Beny(Ludmila)MM#11852 (x2)
•Latray MM#606485
•Daniella Robinson MM#783443
•AvonGold MM#1248479
•ElSiee MM#835593

•THEOxYOUNG MM#1063509
•Kristine Kreations MM#432889
•Soua MM#867581

•Kristine Kreations MM#432889

•Naomi May Designs MM#746716 (x3)