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About Me

I am a professional artist who has received a modest amount of recognition across a number of artistic fields. I am a professional composer and musician - my music has appeared in what is now countless films, video games, and television and radio broadcasts and productions. I am a published author - my last book was accepted into, and currently resides in the Harris Collection of Contemporary Poetry at Brown University. I am also a visual artist working in a variety of mediums. And, I am an artistic photographer with close to twenty years of experience.

I often seek models to pose for various types of photographic projects. Much of my photographic work is of the high-art / fine-art genre, and usually highly conceptual in nature. And, much of my photographic work is used as photographic elements in larger, more complex digital artistic creations. Although the bulk of my work falls into the realm of the purposes mentioned above, and I'm almost constantly on the look-out for new faces for these types of works, I do occasionally seek models for other, more traditional types of photography as well.

I am always willing to consider TFP work - though my schedule tends to vary greatly in how busy I am at any given point in time, and it changes with little notice. So, if you'd be interested in having me shoot you, please don't be shy about contacting me, and if I have the time for it, we can work out the details through E-mail.

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Homepage: https://DerekAudette.Com

Some things you should know before contacting me:

- I will require a model release to be signed on all shoots. No exceptions.

- If we've never worked together before, I will require you to bring photo-ID with you to the shoot and I will photograph you holding your ID before the shoot begins. The image acts as proof of age and proof that you are who you say you are so that the validity of the release you sign is assured. The image will be printed, attached to your release, and filed away in a filing cabinet in my office.

- I release finalized, edited images only to the model. I DO NOT release RAW and/or unedited images. If you need RAW images for some purpose, I may consider *selling* them depending on the circumstances.

- You're welcome to bring an escort to the shoot with you. To be perfectly honest, I'd prefer if you didn't -- just because it's one less thing for me to worry about. But, if you need to bring an escort in order to feel comfortable, I understand that and wont discourage you from doing so. However, I do ask that you make sure you bring an escort who will remain unobtrusive during the shoot. They're welcome to watch the shoot, but while we're working it's extremely distracting to have a bored escort playing noisy games, watching videos or talking on their cell-phone, or throwing in comments at me or the model every few minutes. If they need to do that sort of thing, then they need to go somewhere out of ear shot while we're shooting.

- I'm always very open to suggestions from models and I enjoy collaborating on creative projects with others. Along with that, I'm a very open person - I'm not offended by anything that doesn't contain injustice, and, as my Wife has often said to people, "Derek doesn't 'do' awkward." :) So, if you have any ideas regarding any sort of shoot you'd like to put together, don't be shy about contacting me and running anything at all by me.

- On most of my shoots, expect less direction than what you're likely used to from other photographers. I will certainly give you some, but I prefer to let models 'act' as they will within the framework of the concept I've set-up and/or am aiming for. I'll give you direction if and as I feel it's needed. If I don't feel it's needed, I can be VERY quiet regarding any sort of direction while the camera is clicking. Expect that. I don't like shots that look in any way as though they're 'forced' or unnatural. If I keep direction to a minimum, you likely won't do anything that doesn't come naturally to you - so, unless there's a specific pose or two that I want and I feel we need to work through, or if laying off the direction just isn't working for some reason, expect a minimum of communication during the actual shooting. ...When the camera isn't clicking I'll likely talk your ear off until you tell me shut-up. :)

- Although I try to create and work in a relaxed, open, friendly and casual atmosphere, I do conduct myself in professional manner. And, I sincerely pride myself on being an honest and honorable person. You will be treated with the utmost of respect and professionalism at all times, and I expect the same from you in return. If you're not a person who is capable of conducting yourself in such a manner, please don't bother contacting me - it would only be a waste of time for both of us. If you flake without reasonable notice we won't work together again, and other photogs in the area will know about it.

- Unless it's a situation wherein I've been hired to get specific images for someone, I very rarely pay models. And, when I do, I likely pay less than what you're hoping to get. My time and talents are valuable - as are yours. And, over my years as a photographer I've built relationships with a number of 'go to' models that I can approach with whatever project I'm working on and be pretty much assured of finding at least one of them who will work TF or for what I pay. For this reason, unless you luck out and catch me on an occasion where I've been hired for a project and we're looking for a model for it, contacting me with your rates will very likely result in a "Thanks but no thanks" response. For my own work I practically never pay models for non-nudes, and for nudes I pay my rates - which very likely fall far short of your rates, if you have them.

With all of that said, and if it all sounds acceptable to you and you think you'd like to work with me, please don't be shy at all about contacting me!