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Jun 05, 2021
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Jan 14, 2014

About Me

Yeh, I'm that overnight "International Award-Winning Fitness, Fashion and Men's Physique photographer" that came out of no where and is now seen everywhere — though it's taken me 12+ years to get here. Welcome to my portfolio. I am owner of the very popular Men Of Utah™ agency and studio, and I shoot primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah.

As seen in my photos, my models are my focus, not the scenery nor attire or some piece of their anatomy.  To me, models are not glorified coat hangers. Though I shoot nudes, and win frequently on MM, I am not focused on erotica and I am not interested in following the path of many of the photographers whom I admire, who tend to solely rely on nudes to validate their photography.

I feel I am a full package of photographer, model manager and publicist, and as an ex-physique model myself, I have intentionally broken the mold as to how a male model should be treated before, during and after the shoot.  Coming from that background, I also feel I know how a male wants to be directed to look his precise best without diminishing his ego..

Each year, I gather a team to work with me on projects for international brands such as Pump! Underwear, Sukrew, Baldrick Benjamin, Meat Underwear, Vicedman, Helsinki Athletica, Cellblock13 / Timoteo, Modus Vivendi, Walking Jack, Alexander Cobb, and Turlock & Co.

I am a regular "contributing editor" to the international print magazines (many examples of which can be seen in my MM portfolio).

My first book, SUNDANCERS: The Men Of Utah™, was a kickstarter success, funding itself in less than two weeks, and my second book, BOUNTIFUL: The Men Of Utah™, was funded by an artistic endowment.

Despite the accomplishments, I am still only a one-man-show with an ambition that is sky high, precision and motivation that gets me psyched every morning, and a love for the process.  I expect the guys to be the same — motivated, genuine, communicative and inspirational... in whatever modeling direction they would like to pursue.  This is my career; let's help you make it yours while keeping our heads on straight and our integrity intact.

My work can be seen on Instagram at @blake_yelavich and @blakeyelavich

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]  I look forward to hearing and working with you!  — Blake

Model Mayhem Recognition:
POTD (Men), August 13th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 14th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 15th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 18th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 22nd, 2020
POTD (Men), August 23rd, 2020
POTD (Men), August 24th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 25th, 2020
POTD (Men), August 26th, 2020
POTD (Men), September 3, 2020
POTD (Men), September 7, 2020
POTD (Men), September 8, 2020
POTD (Men), September 9, 2020
POTD (Overall), September 12, 2020
POTD (Men), September 13, 2020
POTD (Men), September 14, 2020
POTD (Men), September 15, 2020
POTD (Men), September 16, 2020
POTD (Men), September 18, 2020
POTD (Men), September 25, 2020
POTD (Men), October 9, 2020
POTD (Men), October 10, 2020
POTD (Men), October 18, 2020
POTD (Men), October 22, 2020
POTD (Men), October 23, 2020
POTD (Men), October 24, 2020
POTD (Men), December 5, 2020
POTD (Men), December 7, 2020
POTD (Men), December 8, 2020
POTD (Men), December 11, 2020
POTD (Men), December 13, 2020
POTD (Men), December 17, 2020
POTD (Men), December 18, 2020
POTD (Men), December 21, 2020
POTD (Men), December 25, 2020

(Then I gave up... Model Mayhem is geared toward featuring females... The men are secondary, if not non-existent.  I'll update my port every once in a while, but write me directly should you want to try to work... As a fair and interactive collaborative site, MM suffers.)