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"Hartley" Pilot Social Media Fictional Content

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Nationwide - US


Event Dates

Oct 26, 2020 - Nov 13, 2020


Paid (25-50)

Nude Shoot


Shoot Genre



Male Models

Created By

Michael Hammer Casting Director

Male Model Requirements

Age Range

18 - 25 years old


None, Some


None, Some


Hartley Productions is currently filming a pilot episode for a new scripted web series titled “Hartley”. The story revolves around six recent high school graduates navigating the post Coronavirus world, dealing with the complexity of isolation, virtual relationships, and sexual expression through social media role playing.

The pilot episode contains a fictional blog with screen captures of guys’ profiles from a fictional dating app with brutally mocking comments. In the fictional app guys post silly and suggestive pictures of themselves in hope of getting girls to chat with them and add them on Snapchat for more explicit exchanges.

We are looking for guys to take such selfie images to be included in the pilot episode. Each model will be asked to create 2-5 selfie images. The photos submitted MUST NOT contain any nudity. We are looking for a mix of pictures both plain, silly, and sexually suggestive.

The images will be used in the episode within a fictional blog where each set of images will be presented with mocking captions.
If you have any concerned about your image being used in such a way, please do not apply. The images will only be used within the content of the web series.

If your images are used in the show, you will be paid $25 and be included in the show credits (you may choose not to have your name listed). You will be required to sign a legal agreement giving the production company the rights to use the images.

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About Michael Hammer

Hartley Productions is creating original web series content for a new content app where shows are presented within a simulated social network (similar in format to Instagram). Once you enter a show you land inside a small social network where every profile belongs to a fictional character (played by an actor) and the story is told through their interactions. The narrative is expressed via video chats, direct messages, pictures, videos, “live” streams, and other original formats.