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Couples Shoot

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Sep 17, 2009

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Dec 31, 1969

Cleveland/Akron, Ohio

Casting for:
Female and Male Models

Cash Money

We have been commissioned to develop a Provocative Couples poster for a special event in Maryland. We are looking for a long hair, and great curves. Please be comfortable with yourself in front of the camera, you will need to be comfortable working very little on. We will make you look good in the finished product, which is marketed to the public. This is a couple shoot so you need bring your man and clothing items including shoes. Background: We are affiliated with several ad agencies in the USA, and will be providing them with quality 20 X 30 inches posters We develop promotion posters for bars, taverns, parties, and events and are looking for relatively experienced models. References, Staff MUA on site, and professional fun, and respectful atmosphere. Paid shoots with the hourly rate being $55.00 to $80.00 per hour (total for both of you) and depending upon the type of poses done. Please provide open dates in late September. If you need travel costs state the cost, dress size, and any tats that we have to work around. We are professional, and will treat you professionally. Please be ready to arrive on time and work two hours. If you answer this casting call, please note that you are answering the Couples Promotion as we have several casting calls, we don’t want you be place in the wrong review file. Please feel welcome to apply for other casting calls, or apply again if you answered earlier. This casting call procedure is our way of finding out who is interested in this project. North Coast Fox Images

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Fauna The Muse
im very interested, i will be in contact with photos after this weekend.
Chelsea Streeter

I'm interested if you do anymore couple shoots
Chelsea Streeter

I'm interested if you do anymore couple shoots
North Coast Fox Images1
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