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Part time MUA needed.

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Sasha Kay

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Sep 17, 2009

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Dec 31, 1969

New York

Casting for:
Makeup Artist

Cash Money

I want a qood make up artist that will come with me to every shoot You will qet paid at the end of everyshoot, I dont offer more than 50$ so if you are looking to get paid more then that then this is isnt for you obviously. So the deal is everytime I have a shoot I contact you several days before for you to know you have to be there. And then you can stay for as lonq as I need you or as lonq as you want afterwards and I will qive you your money. Locations wont be far off, just in the 5 boroughs of NY mainly if it's in a place such as Long Island ect.. you will get a ride there. I wont ask you to come to every single shoot I have, just the ones that I feel I need a MUA to be there. Serious professionals or semi professionals only. Thank you =]

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I'm interested :)
Def interested take a look at my port thankx hope 2 hear from u
manhattan makeup is my website and all of my contact info is on there
please check out my work here and my site and let me know..thanks anita :)
Hi, I do makeup & hair. Let me know more after check out my stuffs.

Best Mai

[email protected]
Great! Hope can work with u. I do makeup
afridyedi a
I'm definitely interested. Please take a look at my port and feel free to contact me!