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Well hello, folks;

* Thanks so much for dropping by today,
In taking an interest in me,
By viewing my profile picture-taking/editing page narrative write-up.

* Well, to open with anyway,
My name is Dennis, an accomplished hobbyist photographer & a digital darkroom technician enthusiast.

* With this in mind, I reside in the picturesque scenic province of Southern Ontario, Canada. Thus, I have been passionately fascinated by the dynamic medium creative art form of photography, simultaneously with it as an approach to its artful visionary self-expression.

* To point out, ever since my early childhood recollections. By truly obtaining my photographic inspiration & enthusiasm from my departed Uncle John, both acquiring the knowledge of photo shootings' & traditional analogue Darkroom procedures.

* Besides, my supportive forward-looking late dear parents that are remarkably instrumental in my life, facilitated the setup of my basement workshop darkroom & energize my photo-shooting/darkroom talents, with my phenomenal inspire brother Gerald, and notably my endearing, charming elegant Anastasiya Ivanova whose encouragements and wisdom have no equal.

* Equally important, about my personal experiences of traditional chemical darkroom printmaking, that truly brings out the uppermost nostalgic gratifying feelings of when I was hand-crafting my photographs from a physical negative, to be precisely inserted & projected from the enlarger light housing head, transmitted through its enlarging optical lens. Then to compelling observe & manifest uniquely before my intriguing eyes the emerging formulated paper light-sensitive recognizable images magically mysteriously evolved into life in the rectangular tray baths of chemistry under the dingy glow beacon of the reddish darkroom safe-light.

* Thereupon, broadening and comprehensively expanding myself as a striving easy-going self-taught accomplish hobbyist photographer & distinctly a darkroom technician aficionado. As a result, utilizing my camera and accessory gear as advantageous instruments and handy tools for shooting and capturing a wide variety of engaging approaches and unusual styles. In effect, passionately achieving and incorporating those precious memorable moments of deeply appreciating those distinguishing occasions. Especially in fascinatingly exploring the diversity and scope of both the simplicity and complexity of our various interesting surroundings and variety of environments that we all encounter.

* Indeed, I embrace photography as my spare time, of relaxation and contemplation, as an imaginative, artistic improvise outlet release for me. Chiefly from aesthetic photo-shooting various fascinating, unique subjects. Along with capturing those versatile innumerable multitudes of natural scenic settings and venerable representation proportioned configurations of architectural structures. To be sure that visually catches my imaginative photographic insightful discerning eye.

* Accordingly, as I progress forward with my photographic pursuits, I diligently practice observing distinctive fine art pictures appear, undeviatingly before me, to better exceedingly sharpen my senses amidst the immediate surroundings. Thus, spontaneously beginning to discern fascinatingly those tiny detail elements, their dynamic movements, the variance spectrum of broad colours, not to mention the projecting highlights, mid-tones, and their cast shadows. Indeed, letting the subject speak voluminously to me for revealing the most solid possible techniques for capturing these images, to selectively focus on the subject, striving to isolate it from distracting or non-essential busy background components. Thereupon, beholding uniquely for those perceptive intertwine ingredients of strong contour shapes & multiple forms, spatial relationships, colour/tone, balances, striking lines, and their distinguishing textural patterns, etc.
* Therefore, as those complementary selective location backgrounds/backdrops elements make up a hugely influential portion of the ultimate overall shot. I'm especially conscious when utilized correctly, can considerably enhance the focal subject's appearance, adding an extraordinary, incredible storyline context to my image that lends character, emotions and feelings to the overall theme without detracting the primary focal point from the foremost subject.
* That is to say here, through my years of experimentation. I am particularly embracing that photography is an artistic voyage of revelations. I am a firm believer that, true to life, natural light has been always my uppermost best friend. Especially appreciating those beautifully enhance contrast, bold art forms of the black & white print media. Along with the breathtaking variety of vivid, colourful hues in the finished colour print format of its compositional image outlays.

* To emphasize, when adventurously touring and venturesome exploring multiple outdoor locations. I am unusually searching for that distinctive naturally magical artistic, uncommon aspect of people. In effect, freezing and capturing their unique, priceless diverse moments of intricate expressions & frozen movements.

* Furthermore, I've travelled the local rural back serene country roads, for a delightful photo-shooting session of the diverse natural beauty of stunning scenic landscapes with its overhead skies conveying various changeable information, depicting with its dramatic chatoyant decorative dazzling cloud formations, accompanied with its numerous irregular weather conditions. Onward with advancing across those vast, magnificent rolling farmlands, and their vintage historic antique wooden barns and weathered dilapidated greyish rustic rural woodsheds. That especially positively invigorates and, truly captures my attention and indeed awareness. Thus, pausing for those precious few minutes. Upon, deeply feeling the mystic spirit and the melodramatic harmonious rhythm of these spectacular theatrical open-air stage environments.

* Additionally, adventurously being an avid hiker of our locally expansive natural wilderness parks. With this particular reflection in mind, I discover it to become a rather peaceful, reflective, stimulating and thought-provoking environmental tranquil places to be surrounded by, as I am surveying for that stunning impromptu eye-catching photo shot.

* As an illustration, whenever I occasionally revisit the native, rustic pioneer country villages. In effect, it renders me that a matchless opportunity of touring around their fascinating collection of surrounding old-fashioned heritage structures and engaging artefacts of exquisite details. Thereupon an accomplished real photographer's dazzling captivating paradise, to figuratively become imaginatively materialized artistically in cotton woven fabricate canvas. That’s conveniently attached to an external artist's easel tripod setup.

* Thus, leisurely walking out on the intriguing Victorian wandering lane-ways and their winding pathways. Markedly photo-shooting their historic lifestyles, activities and the customs of the early period residents. In particularly photographing the busily working tradespeople and villagers in their authentic period Victoria outfits, among their innumerable working environments, that has the variety of captivating stage backdrops of these labouring early settlers.

* To say nothing of, adventurously travelling by automobile among the leisurely, peaceful tranquil atmospheres. Touring especially through the enchanting small fascinating quaint villages and exotic coastal fishing ports', together with coming across compelling eye-catching unusual or varied captivating spectacular landscapes.

* Just to be sure. Provides me with that outstanding opportunity of exceptionally photographing their unique historic cultural heritage. In effect, by utilizing my camera as an artist brush. Skillfully brush strokes those 3 dimensional reflected images through my camera's optical lens. Hence, capturing the conceptual idea and converting those unforgettable moments into a 2-dimensional compositional format layout.

* As a matter of fact, I have dramatically enjoyed catching those emotional, inspiring, priceless moments on my various outings. Thus, by projecting and communicating a certain thematic meaningful visual storyline presentation script to the admiring appreciative pictorial viewer audience. Hence, offering an avenue of an infinite diversity of perceptions & concepts to the audience for them to weave intricately in their own emotionally thoughtful perspective interpretations.

* By the same token, stopping along my travel route itinerary to photograph before me the awesome, impressive wealth of the spectacular garden parks with their surrounding meandering pathways to wander, aimlessly the garden architecture meticulously planned striking layouts of brilliant colourful flower beds, sculptural shrubberies, and discovering extraordinary rolls of textural shapely proportioned hedges. Likewise, leading my eye to photo capture those unusual rustic patterns of ancient twisted wooden fences and the natural, graceful intricate line forms of gnarled roughened trunks of majestic stately trees. Then to occasionally come across the intriguing, fascinating, magnificent towering statues and of course those remarkable imposing monuments for framing, as one of my truly selective focal points of awe-inspiring curiosity & admittedly fascination.

* While stopping by, exerting a naturalist's ramble off the beaten path to one of our mother nature parks to hike ruggedly at a pleasant pace along the meandering charming nature trail for several hours, soaking up the fresh country air, hearing the rustling wind and lush leaves among the majesty of old-growth trees, the marvellous ambiance background magical sounds of wildlife. Thus, come upon a rushing babbling stream, listening to its trickling flowing medley musical notes, the harmonious symphony upstream delightful tones' of a gorgeous scenic roaring cascading scintillating waterfalls. Not forgetting to mention, regarding arriving along with a roadside scenic viewpoint, to capture the spectacular dramatic landscape vista.

* Certainly for me, part of the appeal of photography is the unique alliance between the photographer and the viewer of the completed picture. Each conceived depiction of my photographic image conveys & connects to the person's perceptions a set of attitudes, thoughts, conceptions, and their reflected personal experiences' towards the images they're viewing and discerning.

* By all means, the mystifying hidden aspect of abstract reality photography is among my favourite venues. Thereupon to be aesthetically arranging in the combination of the various compositional elements and to assign certain weight values to its different pictorial components. Actualizing harmony of sculptural shaping melodies of various light and form shadows into interesting configurations of patterns and textures. In other words, putting forward a balanced art form for expressive statements of manifesting various sentimental moods, such as, for example, seasonality time of the year.

* To say nothing of, during the melancholy winter season when spreading apart my contemporary kitchenette bay window colonial drapes, sometimes I'm surprisingly embraced by a spectacle world of Jack Frost sprinkling his glittering snowflakes, creating a dreamlike magical stunning imagery of fantasy winter landscapes/cityscapes to be dynamically captured by my camera's eye.

* To further effectively augments my talents and extending my portfolio into the glamorous, fashionable stylish modelling segment. That is to say, I am open to receive invaluable advice and priceless tips on how to pose elegantly a model, the best approach to capture gracefully their expressive eyes and diverse hairstyles, eye-popping poses, and their distinct bewildering eye-catching exquisite outfits. In effect, freezing their various intriguing moods that truly accentuate and connect with the camera's optical lens. Thereupon, be dramatically positioning them around various provocative backdrop locations. Notably, experimenting with a mixture of lighting effects and assorted camera angles. Learning specifically to centralize creatively the model as the foremost captivating focal point with such appealing fascination with the viewing photo enthusiast audience & the collective social media gallery followers.

* In particular, in some of my inspiring, imaginative photo-shoots, I'll retain a photo enthusiast collaborated friend to assist artistically and fruitfully accompany me. Thus, by effectively blending and modifying the fill-in and reflected light patterns on the model poses', that's surrounded by the prevalent natural ambient lighting. Thereupon is skillfully holding various handy lighting and reflected devices. Together with setting up various decoration materials and diversified props, to help further enhance, indeed strengthening and truly flatter the final posed illuminated image.

* Well, kindly please now allow me to summarize. I've cherished the refined art form of photographic printmaking ever since my public school years. Henceforth, around my high school years and beyond, I laboured intensively in my home basement conventional darkroom setup, learning to master the classical art of forming fine black & white/colour prints through prudently educating myself from photographic books written by accomplished photographers & knowledgeable darkroom technicians.

* Not to mention the fact, by the avenue of my home VCR & TV, I inserted a photo video cassette tutorial, to further gain in-depth knowledge and improve skills to advance my overall photographic understanding. Additionally, in recent years, to awesome online photography courses & tutorials to kick my photographic skills and capabilities up a notch!!!

* But as it has become a lot harder to acquire locally the supplies & materials for continuing with the analogue chemical darkroom procedures. I indeed made a contemporary decision to switch over to understand the artistic craft technique, the workflow methodologies of digital technology photo making on my computer's calibrated monitor screen that closely resembles the traditional darkroom finish print.

* By and large, the key indicated advantages that I discovered for me while functioning on my computer screens are that it has sharpened my artistic eye on the interplay of distinct compositional components from the vigorous continuous feedback during the skilful manipulation & modifications of the image.

* To point out, unquestionably these invaluable observations that I assimilate from working on the image helps advance my photographic skills to the next time in heading out with my digital camera in hand to capture the various subject themes creatively & expressively!!!

* In joining this unique specialize photo networking site, with its vast resource of helpful knowledge and inspirations. Indeed, I am highly intrigued in connecting and meeting with people of countless aspects of photographic experiences' at all levels of backgrounds. In effect, benefiting and drawing lessons from each other to improve and enhance our creative crafts. Together with the enjoyment of being amidst devoted people who share the same passionate common interests.

* Therefore, I am very pleased to be a member of the Model Mayhem Talented Modeling Group and this vast prestigious Photography Network.

* Indeed, I enjoy reading your comments and advice on my portfolio.
So please just don't hesitate to leave something for me.

* Thank you so very much again.
For choosing your time out of your busy schedule.
Upon visiting and reading my profile

* Together with all of you that have gracefully added me to your profile list of fellow friendship members. Furthermore, very appreciative of your attached tag's comments and your suggestions, and for any of your future ideas and concepts that will be beneficial for both of us.

* Expressly, I'm very grateful for the friends and acquaintances that I've developed along this very adventurous stimulating journey.

* I'm really looking forward to hearing from you,
With my warmest regards,
Yours sincerely, Dennis.

* P.S. --- Understanding sources of light are the foremost bewildering shaping instrument I embrace to further produce astonishing snapshots of compositions. Together with my understanding of highlights, mid-tones & shadows these sources of light, that is projected onto my diverse subjects. Thus, rendering and capturing a stylish sense of mood & atmosphere, in illustrating an orchestrated conceptualize image, to the viewing connoisseur audience of fine arts' & gallery photographs.

{The Above Mentioned Quote Is By Dennis Strong --- Accomplished Hobbist Photographer & Photo Digital Retoucher Enthusiasts}

*P.S.S. --- I indeed believe that there is always room for further growth and improvement as I've continuously evolved as a person!

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* Dave a knowledgeable close friend/business mentor of mine for several years. Who has been closely connected to the photographic industry globally!

* Especially my "Special Thanks" to the late Mrs. Kennedy a prestigious eloquent lady in literature, a close friend of the family for her encouragements & inspirations through my life periods of ups & downs!!!

* Together with Mike's helpful advice & guidance, who owns & operates the local "PCT" "PERSONAL COMPUTER TERMINAL" retail store here in the Brantford downtown area. --- Mike's Phone No. at 1 (519) 752-1544

* As effective communication skills are an integral part of any work settings and in various life's encounter situations, my expressive gratitude to Paul & Tim, keynote speakers at the Brantford Christadelphian Church of effectually helping me.

* In particular, I have attended both local Brantford Camera and Video Clubs. Where I learned various aspects of photography, fresh new ideas & differing concepts.

* Indeed, gaining from their various artistic insights and imaginative perspectives. From a knowledgeable, inspiring group of active photography enthusiasts

* To point out, I also attended photography classes during the daytime, evenings, and weekends. In effect, talk with the talented, encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive, photography teachers.

* I relish reading descriptively written photography books. Plus further learning photography through the channel of the informative Web. In order to help me continually build a solid basic foundation of knowledge and upgraded skill levels.

* Another key point, I traditionally skillfully learned to hand developed and chemically processed mine black & white and color prints in my traditional home wet darkroom setup.

* Thereupon, recently during my spare times of studying and learning. Due to the use of my home desktop computer setup. As a result, I have been practicing the basic creative techniques and manipulations. Of the Digital Darkroom Picture & Photo Editing Application Software.

* My bounteous thanks to my charming astute Anastasiya. In especially utilizing her intriguing photos. Allowing me the unique opportunity to skillfully practice & experiment in broadening my proficiency & know-how in refining my photographic vision.

* Thus, such as learning various techniques of different angles, working under diverse lighting conditions. Together by recognizing colors, shapes, patterns, highlights & shadows, etc., helping me to adjust my perspective of the way I see. Pushing myself to enhance my photographic techniques & diversified approaches to better my photographic skills. Not to mention, her encouragement of my natural writing talent.

* "Equally Important", my countless thanks to all those people way too multitudinous to mention, that brought about an unquestionably sincere profound difference throughout my life experiences!!!

** ** ** ** **