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May 31, 2019
Depends on Assignment
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May 28, 2010
5' 8"
135 lbs
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About Me

I grew up and went to high school in NYC. I'm a graduate student now. I juggle my schedule and sometimes plans fall through, but I am [u][i]always[/u][/i] professional about it and I make sure to let everyone involved know in advance as much as I possibly can. Feel free to check my credits for references.

[b] Abilities/Attributes:[/b]
- I'm usually very punctual unless some major, uncontrollable delays occur.
- Sing [Mezzo-Soprano/Alto],
- dance [choreography, tap, some ballet, musical theatre],
- swimming
- riding a bike
- fencing and archery.
- Although I have a learner's permit, [b] I still do not have a driver's license or a car. [/b] I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'd need to travel by bus/train/plane or have you (or someone you designate) to pick me up and drop me off.
- [b]I also do photography! [/b]

[b] Achievements:[/b]
1] In 2013, I was published in Cynical Fashion Magazine's 4th issue. You can view it at this link ---> [url][/url]
2] I've done 100+ photoshoots in the seven years I've been modeling, one runway show, two promotional events, and one makeup tutorial.
3] I've shot with designers such as Dangerous Mathematicians, Momo Falana, Malan Breton, Loris Diran, Fetasia Latex, Aso Damisi, Soka Designers, Berit New York, and Ellen Christine Millinery. My work with Ellen Christine is displayed at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and Henri Bendel's in NYC.
4] I went to Barbizon School for Modeling in Manhattan, participating in their Female Modeling Classes and their Acting classes.

[b]Body Modifications:[/b]
No tattoos and no immediate plans for any.
I wear contacts (not colored) because I'm blind as a bat.
My body is "all natural" - no plastic surgery.
I have a belly ring, two earlobe piercings in each ear, and three helix piercings in the cartilage of my right ear. All of which can be easily removed for a shoot.

[b] Interests/"Do's":[/b] I'd like to try underwater modeling, latex clothes, alternative work, body painting, shooting with other models, shooting with animals, and cosplaying.

[b] The OPPOSITE of "Do":[/b]
- [u] I do NOT do nudes.[/u] Other people like it but I'm just not interested in it myself. 1) I don't need it for my portfolio. 2) Modeling isn't my day job and I really don't need to be putting my day job at risk for a photo.
- I don't do hair dyeing/cutting. That might change in the future, but not right now.
- If you were considering contacting me for something that would require cutting or dyeing my hair, I'd require payment, if I agree at all.
- [u] I reserve the right to turn down any offers. [/u] Is that unreasonable? I've been threatened for refusing to work with a photographer before.

- At least having the OPTION of bringing an escort is important to me. I [u]rarely[/u] take advantage of this practice but NOT having the option makes me uncomfortable.
- If you want to work with me, it would be really helpful if you emailed me a picture of yourself so I know who to look for when we meet.
- Please - during a shoot - let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I can't read your [the photographer's] mind and I don't know what I look like from your camera viewfinder. I greatly appreciate directions and suggestions as well during shooting.

[b]Ending Note:[/b]
If if I don't want to work on one of your shoot projects, please don't fight me on it. No means no. No does not mean convince me. There's probably another model more eager to work with you and there's no point getting upset just because one person doesn't want to. I'm not that important.

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Bust: 39.5" DD
Waist: 28.5"
Hips: 38.5"
Dress: 6
Shoe: 8.5 (US, Women's)

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"Faye is a fantastic model. It's as if she knows exactly what the camera's seeing. she takes direction really well, but also does terrific coming up with her own idea. I'd work with Faye again in a heartbeat." Read less

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Credit Notes

[u][b]Shoots I've Done (Newest to Oldest: date, #'s of MM people involved, any other identifying information)[/b][/u]

[u]05/26/13.[/u]#2150 Richard Scalzo.
[u]05/25/13.[/u]#135 and 1247147 Sandy Ramirez and Michele Dyer. UV blacklight body paint. NYC, NY.
[u]04/28/13.[/u]#6068 Farenell Photography. Binghamton, New York. Pink & Lovely.
[u]04/27/13.[/u]#2541253 Krystal-LynnVisions. Binghamton University Nature Preserve Pink.
[u]03/29/13.[/u]#6068 Farenell Photography. Schuylerville, NY. Old Warehouse shoot.
[u]03/24/13.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez. NYC, NY. Mardi Gras Figure Light Painting.
[u]03/01/13.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce. Binghamton, NY.
[u]01/12/13.[/u]#2723708 Green Ridge Studio. Studio, Binghamton, NY.
[u]11/19/12.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce. Ballet in Studio. Binghamton, NY.
[u]09/28/12.[/u]#842309 Berit New York. HV Click Steampunk Shoot. Museum Village, NY.
[u]08/11/12.[/u]#791764 DASH Photos and #870450 D Smyre. South Street Seaport. NYC, NY.
[u]07/21/12.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez, and #2000012 Makeup Art by Bre Kali. Mime Queene shoot. Wall Street, NYC.
[u]07/14/12.[/u]#791764 DASH Photos and #870450 D Smyre. Central Park with female models. NYC, NY.
[u]06/26/12.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez, #620078 Staci Styles, #2102248 Cory Nova, and #2034768 Fetasia Latex. Fetasia Latex; Queens of the Apocalypse. NYC, NY.
[u]06/09/12.[/u]#379393 Bradford Photography, #1986616 AsoDamisi, and #2533012 Cara Silverman. NYC, NY.
[u]04/22/12[/u]#2541253 Krystal-LynnVisions. Wandering in the Woods. NY.
[u]04/18/12.[/u]#2181296 Goki S. Fairy in The Woods. Binghamton, NY.
[u]03/18/12.[/u]#2723708 Green Ridge Studio. Binghamton, NY.
[u]03/16/12.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce. Binghamton, NY.
[u]02/18/12.[/u]#793337 DEN ART NY. Live body painting, gallery opening. NYC, NY.
[u]02/18/12.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez, Laurence Weiner, and Christina Webb. Momo Falana Lookbook. NYC, NY.
[[u]01/13/12.[/u]#1522509 KniffinPhotography. Valentine Shoot. Long Island.
[u]01/05/2012.[/u]#1818239 JMP Photo and Donald Kunkel. Gothic Lolita Test Shoot. Binghamton, NY.
[u]12/30/2011.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez. Fetish Valentine. NYC, NY.
[u]12/28/2011.[/u]#135767 Sapphiree and #135 Sandy Ramirez. Royal Runway charity fashion show for PUAH Institute. NYC, NY.
[u]12/27/2011.[/u] Joel Angel and #1041831 Joanne Juelle makeup tutorial. NYC, NY
[u]12/17/2011.[/u]#1818239 JMP Photo. Grunge Test shoot. Binghamton, NY.
[u]12/16/2011.[/u]#1646886 Scott Higby & #1894141 Scott Steven. Posing for Painting.
[u]12/14/2011.[/u]#1617965 Cladonia Photography. Binghamton, NY
[u]11/23/2011.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez & #1802520 Valkyrie Bentley. Fetish Shoot, Malan Breton Dress, and Fencing Portraits.
[u]09/24/2011.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce. Eve. Ithaca.
[u]09/23/2011.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce, #1023843 Jack Diesel, #1689976 Damsel in This Dress. Cowboy. Ithaca.
[u]09/10/2011.[/u]#1646886 Scott Higby & #1894141 Scott Steven. 1st Fairy Painting.
[u]08/20/2011.[/u]#2116045 MedievalIce. Owego Creek.
[u]08/12/2011.[/u]#564211 Teknari. Binghamton Studio.
[u]06/17/2011.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez and #1716234 Cassidy Renee Boch. Ellen Christine Look Book with male model.
[u]06/14/2011.[/u]#125006 Tonga Pictures, #1042886 Soka Designers, . Central Park.
[u]05/15/2011.[/u] Hosting the opening of the Mana Fine Art Gallery of Contemporary Art
[u]05/01/2011.[/u]#836267 Knightmare6. Cherry Blossom Festival. BK Botanical Garden.
[u]04/31/2011.[/u]#1570705 Splice Pictures. His Freckled Beauties Project.
[u]04/16/2011.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez. Momo FaLana/Momo Soho look book.
[u]03/13/2011.[/u]#793337 DEN ART NY. Body Painting.
[u]03/06/2011.[/u]#175873 BodiesOfPaint. Body Painting.
[u]02/26/2011.[/u]#734109 Tyler Ham Pong. "Mad Men" styled mass-shoot.
[u]02/20/2011.[/u]#713010 Kaveh Kardan and #1689976 Damsel In This Dress. "Matrix styled." Manhattan studio.
[u]02/19/2011.[/u]#1611096 Sebastien Larreur. Second shoot in Floyd Bennett Field.
[u]02/14/2011.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez. Ellen Christine Look Book for MET Opera.
[u]11/06/2010.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez and #620078 Staci Styles. Look Book for DANGEROUS MATHEMATICIANS.
[u]10/13/2010.[/u]Wilson Lugo (removed his profile). Shoot for gallery opening.
[u]09/10/2010.[/u]Wilson Lugo (removed his profile). Dress and Rocker style.
[u]09/10/2010.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez, #1716234 Cassidy Renee Boch, and Loris Diran. Modeling for Loris Diran at Fashion's Night Out at Henri Bendel's.
[u]09/09/2010.[/u]#1767634 Carlos Luna. Gowanus Canal.
[u]09/04/2010.[/u]#791764 DASH Photos and #870450 D Smyre. Central Park with male model.
[u]09/01/2010.[/u]#671363 Anna Fischer. Central Park. "Paris Hilton" style sunglasses.
[u]08/24/2010.[/u]#55108 Ruckdashel Photography. Central Park.
[u]08/21/2010.[/u]#135 Sandy Ramirez & #1716234 Cassidy Renee Boch. Wall Street.
[u]08/14/2010.[/u]#836267 Knightmare6. Brighton Beach.
[u]08/09/2010.[/u]#1405015 RawPixelz. Astoria Balcony.
[u]08/01/2010.[/u]#1611096 Sebastien Larreur. First Shoot in Floyd Bennett Field. FIRST SHOOT EVER