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Both should only be viewed if you are 18+ do to the sexual and adult nature

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Purdy Faces

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Here's mine.....please check it out when you can.  It's still in the beginning stages, but it's worth a quick view! smile

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Not a blog or twitter but my YT channel: … sults_main

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twitter: @ScholasticMua

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Jessica deBen Polish

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I can't get on with twitter.

But here is my blog. It is partly about my modelling, partly about fashion and mainly about horse racing but I try to have something for everyone in my entries. This one for example has vintage fashion from movies; some pin up art I posed for; millinery, and some of the jockey's tattoos among other stuff! … e_tab=blog

Then this is a double entry which won a blog award on Arabian racing in which I also did a fashion shoot with a team of other MM'ers Ceri Cushen, Robert Masciave and Sheradon Dublin: … e_tab=blog … e_tab=blog

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ThreeVisual Retouch

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iXpose Images

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New here but come check me out and give me a like smile and

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Andrew James Makeup

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Follow me/tweet me! big_smile

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Hair by Nedjetti

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Wilde Hunt Corsetry

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Emilya Andreavich

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Makeup by Chelsey

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MUA new to Model Mayhem smile

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Dee Tran

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i dont have a twitter account... AHHH too many social networking apps, can't keep up!

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Sian Ryan MUA

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KLF Makeup

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I haven't started a blog yet. There are so many amazing ones already.

Here's my website.

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Andrea Acailawen

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Rachel Lisa

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Leila Aly

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Joy David Tilberg MUA

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Portfolio and Blog) (Makeup Blog)

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Jodie Acty

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Michelle Jackson MUA

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Ms Samantha Marie

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Facebook Fan Page:
(More like a personal FB profile, but with emphasis on makeup, my MUA work, & upcoming tutorials & product reviews.)

(Company) FB Fan Page:
Just started it so "Like"/ help & support would be great please!. Focus is makeup, skincare & health; features natural/ organic products a lot/ what products I/ we have available for purchase & special sales, & other health tip info to support the saying "Beauty often comes from the inside out. I'd really love this to be a more interactive page from customers & clients to pros & companies. Asking questions, topics of the day/ week, what people would like to see more of. Cross promotion of makeup cosmetic companies & stores is a near goal as well. Would REALLY love any input or questions asked there & free promotion to other MUAs or related pages & sites.

Twitter/ personal:

Twitter/ company, industry based:
Just made that one too to focus on makeup, skincare, health etc. PLEASE add that one for support & help me get it off the ground if you can. - I'll also follow back there if you want. smile

If you like you can check out my home/ love/ baby/ company page that has all the links to here, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Sorry if it's so much but I do have a lot out there lol. smile

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Mandy Brown MUA

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guide forum

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Camera Ready Studios

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Facebook Camera Ready cosmetics

Facebook Personal!/mary.lewtonerickson


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Alannah The Stylist

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follow me!

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MUA Kinsey Clark

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Urban Chic Beauty

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DeShawn Hatcher

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This features stories and helpful articles on what it was like for me when I first started out, the mistakes and the correct steps I had to take to advance.  I share with you all my history in hopes this helps you in some way.  Please browse the whole blog there are plenty of stories for you all to read

Be positive, be patient and stay hunger for this business


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Lapin Jacqueline

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