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i like pixiwoo as well love her accent and shes gorgous love her looks as well love enkore and goss and the makeupgeek

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I totally agree on the unrealistic tutorials - there are too many of them - a lot of them are make up addicts! My pet hate is when they 'swatch' on the back of their hands - it drives me bonkers - and I don't know why!!!

I found four pros that I stick to, they do the trick for me in terms of ongoing tips. I wrote about them on my blog:

Wayne Goss, Eve Pearl, Robert Jones and Lisa Eldridge - all use real life women and know their stuff :-)

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Aaliyah I

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Williamspromakeup wrote:
Wayne Goss, Eve Pearl, Robert Jones and Lisa Eldridge - all use real life women and know their stuff :-)

As a self-taught artist, I owe alot to Lisa Eldridge and Wayne ! Robert has a great video on color theory, I'm yet to check out the rest.

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Tegan Ridge

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Glamazon_Beauty wrote:
there's one by a user called glowpinkstah and she does mock tutorials all the time! Some are super funny, and some have you going "wtf?"

I love the ganguro make-up tutorial. She uses like dollar store eyeliner and she goes on about the look like it is a normal thing. so funny!

Her Ganguro video is what I watch when I feel depressed.  Instant smiles.  She's got such a wonderful personality

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Leanne Harpin

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There is already someone on youtube, beating down "gurus", and other funny vids.

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Davis W

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Haha, its interesting to see my old post resurface. I did go on to demo some looks on professional models, here is one of them; … eQbW4&lr=1

My production values were still weak, note the sweat on my T shirt as I labored under a time limit that hot July day! I do hope my candor and techniques make up for it.

And here is later in the same makeover … hf0rR8NrMQ

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The problem with YouTube experts on any subject is that YouTube is on the Internet and any idiot can be on the Internet and say or do anything.

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Has anyone mentioned Grav3yardgirl? She isn't gorgeous, and she's a little crazy. But hoolydooly I love watching her videos. She is proud to show her face without any makeup too which is nice.

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Jackie McClay

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love it! i was just saying this to someone the other day!

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Urban Chic Beauty

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Davis W wrote:
Michelle Phans an prime example of stupidity at work.

She first blocks the brows. Observer that she blocks nothing. But anyhow, lets give her the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the video, she draws new brows over the block (which isnt blocked at all). Her NEW brows are identical in shape and color to the OLD ones.

This girl is a complete makeup newbie. And shes more famous then any of us will ever be.

A perfect example of stupid is as stupid does.

Now, I wouldnt be mean if she didnt carry on like shes some kind of makeup master.

I am so confused by her popularity her skills are mediocre at best but she has this huge following of super loyal fan girls who are absolutely amazed by everything she does.

I also agree that doing makeup on yourself when you
have no time limit is a totally different ballgame then Doing makeup on a model in a time crunch. I would love to watch a guru that made that look easy.

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