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I'm ok with continuing this old thread.  I have lots of nice things to say about the photographers I've worked with. smile
Steve was one of the first photographers I worked with and I still love collaborating with him.  The shoots are so much fun, especially when we work with other models.
Luke is one of my favorites to work with.  He has a fantastic energy and we always get amazing results.
Werner was amazing.  Hilarious, fun, and willing to help me out when I was stranded in the Cinci area.  Loved working with him and hope to do so again.
Fantastic shoot with wonderfully creative ideas and beautiful results.

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Anthelian, hands down. Love love love this man! Absolutely jaw-dropping work, tons of fun to work with and an amazing friend. MM#783926

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Amul La La

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Nice thread OP/

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Melodye Joy

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Giving some props to this years group of fantastic MM photographers, designers, & stylists....without YOU...this petite would not have been so blessed!

SH Photography, Cara Bloom, & Gabrielle Pascua; you launched my FIRST modeling publication that didn't include my creative writing. I thank you for your bold, daring creativity and for taking on someone like myself.

SAG Photography, Allison McGillicuddy, Andrew Okumoto, Bee...if you guys didn't take on one of my craziest concepts to date...I don't think anything after would have occurred!

Philip'e, you have more patience with me then I have ever seen. You assist me, give critique (even when I don't like it, but need it), you make suggestions and push me over my limits and for that I must give thanks! If you didn't push me, again, I wouldn't have gone further, remembered what direction you gave & made use of that in many other various sessions with fellow artists!

JChans Designs, you have always believed in me and you, too, have dared take on a short/petite wither it be in fashion or publication. smile

Mike Nguyen, Catherine Asanov, Benjo Arwas, & Kodi Lane..your all national/international published fashion photographers and to take on someone of my mediocre status is a blessing for certain!

This is just a couple cause I know dang well I have a long list of collaborations from MM!!

xoxo and many thanks to everyone I have ever worked with!

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William Kious

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Isn't this thread, basically, a type of inverse outing? We're not allowed to call-out people by name for the negative, so why is it appropriate to call-out for the positive?

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Kevin Greggain Photography

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I'm sorry it took me 3 pages to respond, but after reading the OP's opening statement I fainted for a few days.

Nice to see some positive vibes towards photographers that deserve it.

We are not all creeps.. I know I am a creep but photographers are not all creeps.

I have candy!! smile

2 thumbs up for the OP

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