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Morgue Creation Photo

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Did I do a good job? Is it to much?

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I think some contouring would make this picture a lot better!
I would also work a little more on her body (from the neck down).

Hmmm... I'm not loving those eyes; her right eye is too bright even though it's on a shadow.

Hope that helps!
Good luck!

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It's not a flattering image composition/technically speaking...Personally I would ditch it and start over.

The exposure is very hot on the arms away hairs, poor posing..

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As someone already pointed out, her right eye just stands out for the bad. Start over with a better exposed shot. Probably should use a longer lens as well.

Th texture of the hair is quite good.

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CREATOUCH by Soluchi

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Needs more work. Use the high end retouch method. Example below



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The Invisible Touch

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CREATOUCH by Soluchi  wrote:
Needs more work. Use the high end retouch method. Example below



That's not high end retouching!!

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Neil Snape

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The eye in the shadow is just to PS lit. The stray hairs, well you have to do it 100% either keep em or loose them, Not sure if the thing that is coming out of her top on her back should stay, looks like a shoe horn. Overall it's okay, but lacks character. When you have such brilliant colour, you have to push for a balance , a play on soft hard, bright dark , saturated, desat, etc to make it work.

Ex of lots of clr

ex of a side gel'd shadow but with less imapct

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