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As a survivor of melanoma cancer this spring I have to say stay away from the tanning beds. I had a quarter inch mole on my forearm and they gave me a 30% chance of dying. MRIs, PET scans, three surgeries including lymph nodes, radioactive tracer injections, and a seven inch scar on the arm and three inch near the arm pit later I am clean as a whistle. I don't know how a whistle can be all that clean but that's what they tell me.

Okay - off my soap box. Find a good foundation and blend it in. Leave the rest up to wardrobe and photoshop if it is that critical.

Personally I would use the tan lines to every advantage I could and actually highlight the areas as part of the shoot.

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LMJ Photo wrote:
Try which has "solar tan thru suits". These suits let the tanning rays through the swimsuit and leaves no tan lines. I can attest that they do work as I have a couple of them myself.


I have some of these suits as well, they are the only suits I buy. BUT, I still get tan lines in them because I tan so easily. I would suggest the sunblock method and try exfoliating more than usual using scrubs and special lotions with alpha hydroxy or fruit acids to speed things up.

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Firstly, I don't think there's any particular assumption that a model has to have an all over tan. Maybe at pro levels - but let's be honest - most of us are no highly paid pros here.

Secondly, depending on the tan lines, they can be extremely sexy (and an asset). If you want to let them fade naturally, just make a note on your profile or when you correspond with a photographer so there's no misunderstanding. Personally if they are bikini style tan lines (i.e. pale flesh in all the right places) then it can be very effective. And if you don't understand why, msg me and I'll explain about psychology behind that. (But it's kinda like the flash of flesh above a stocking top - the glimpse of what you are not 'supposed' to see.)

Thirdly, if you are going to even out - I do recommend the salon spray option. There is plenty of evidence about the association between tanning and skin cancer. (Sorry, that's the perils of having a former girlfriend who work for a Dermatologist). Since you already have the partial tan, I don't think more tanning is the answer (and good luck getting it even that way anyway).

Fourthly (for those still counting), maybe models need to make a decision about how or if they will naturally tan in the future. It is true that your body is your asset and needs to be protected.

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All Yours Photography

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Presley ONeil wrote:
Huh.. I never thought about tan lines, should I get a different bikini? Or is it not a big deal in post processing? The only problem with me would be around my neck or if I happen to have something backless, the back.

What do nude models do to fix that over summer?

Its less of a problem for you because that pale skin under your bikini never shows in the photos.

Nude models usually either tan nude or don't tan at all.

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Michael Broughton

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T A Y L O R  wrote:
I'm afraid if I apply sunblock myself I'm just going to fuck it up.

so basically you need someone else to apply it for you?.. *hops on the first plane headed south*

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Kev Lawson

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Tan lines or tanned area's can be super sexy... example below 18+

Kaycie - snapshot circa 1999 18+

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Alabaster Crowley

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Mar 15 12 10:54 am

Something tells me she's evened out by now.

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Miroslava Svoboda

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What about just a few body scrubs? I have no problem getting rid of tans, or spray on tans with full body scrubs. If you want more details on those just pm me.

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Kev Lawson

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Alabaster Crowley wrote:

Something tells me she's evened out by now.

LOL .. I didn't see that b4, had to go back to the 1st page and see when this thread was resurrected.

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Alabaster Crowley wrote:

Something tells me she's evened out by now.

Yup!  In one direction or the other!

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