Daniel Stagner

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Portland, Oregon, US

Hey everyone,

I've been shooting for a while but I'm just starting to get more into retouching. I would like to see what some of the more seasoned veterans think of my work.

What's good? What's bad? What would you change?
Any suggestions or critiques, I'm open for. I don't care how harsh they are.
I'll never learn if I don't take feedback, right?

Untouched RAW and the finished product.

Edit: After looking at this picture again, I realized that there is a pretty nasty outline where the other girl used to be. Any suggestions on a better way to mask that out?

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Digital Artist

Andreea Cernestean

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Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania

I think a better solution might be to look for a similar texture of a mossy wall and place it on there.
You should find something useful in the library, and there's even seamless patterns available to ease your work.
Once you've got the right texture just adjust perspective, brightness, contrast, colors, etc. to match your original then mask out or erase any hard edges.

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Daniel Stagner

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Portland, Oregon, US

Thanks Andreea,

I'll definitely give that a shot. I found another shot of mine that has nearly the same perspective with a blank shot at the wall, it's just hard to get the blending right.

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Sofia Zasheva

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Sofia, Sofija grad, Bulgaria

Another thing is the color of her skin - it's a little off, too saturated and completely different from her arm. Besides it confronts the color of the wall on the left side (the "brick" shade's missing).

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Rafael Alexander

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

instead of removing the model you can maybe just burn her out....then she will be visible in the adds another element to image...just an idea...who knows....

Apr 17 12 11:30 pm Link