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Digital Artist

Tania Duangtecha

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Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Here's my recently skin work, the photo from STAPHOTO
I would like to know about the comments, especially the skins shoulder.
How do you guys deal with the skin like this?

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New York, New York, US

First off, I really like the overall tone of the image. It's an improvement, makes her look sort of vintage.

In these smaller versions, the skin looks almost too smooth in areas (like the cheek), but in your port it's not. I can see right on the cheek there are a few bright spots you should burn to blend in with the rest of the skin. Same for a little area at the top of the bridge of the nose. And the lips are too flat - you should have kept the shadow beneath the bottom lip, it adds depth. Right now it looks like they're painted on. You could probably also get more out of those eyes.

I'm not sure which shoulder you're asking about. The one on the lefthand side looks goosebumpy in the original, and if I couldn't see that I would have thought it was overdone IHP. It has more definition than the face skin. It looks too uniform to me, I'd probably like to see it softer with some micro D&B. The shoulder on the righthand side, which is more of the decolletage area, looks blurred. Way too smooth, and I think the neck is, too. There's no texture at all, and it's especially noticeable compared to the very textured other shoulder. If you can't bring back some of what was already there (although I can see it was kind of patchy) you should just add it yourself with D&B.

Hope that helps.

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Digital Artist

Tania Duangtecha

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Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

thank you for your comment

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Paul Snyder

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Columbus, Ohio, US

I definitely like the warmer tone you added as well...but certain areas do read a little too soft, especially in the cheeks and the chest region.

Good work on the lips though

Jun 12 12 11:48 am Link


Brick Wilson

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Palatine, Illinois, US

The shoulders look fine. The face is way too overdone. Airbrushing out ALL the wrinkles and natural dimple/creases makes the model look plastic.

Jun 22 12 11:58 am Link