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Kam Yau Photography

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi all,

New to be here, like to hear comments on my site and photos inside.

Need some more time to know how to get around this forum.

Thanks ....

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E Delsigne Photography

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Hi there!

I have found there are three things that work best to getting more traffic to your model mayhem page.

1. Visit the main page and exchange comments and list with fellow mmers. You will receive comments and traffic from doing this... sometimes immediately.

2. Participate in as many forums as possible. Make sure you have your best photo as your avatar.. this will draw people in as well.

3. Post casting calls and availability notices and work through MM as often as possible.

Hope this helps!

Erin Delsigne Photography

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On my screen, the gray text with black background is difficult to read. The pink headlines dont help. Try plain white text.

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