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To me the difference between artistic nudity and pornish shots are really the photographers that don't make creative use of lighting or composition. They usually just have mostly a portfolio of naked girls straight on doing cliche poses with zero  creativity or theme.

Anyone can shoot porn.

I suggest any models that want to do nude shoots really look at the photographers portfolio well before agreeing to anything.

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Matthew Braney wrote:
Anyone can shoot porn.

If that were true, then the adult industry wouldn't be having such a hard time finding photographers that can provide the images that are needed.

It's a vey small industry of hard working professionals. It's true that much of it lacks artistic merit, but that is exactly what certain audiences want.

Until you have successfully done a few porn shoots, and made clients happy with your results, you really don't know what you are talking about

Just figuring out the poses to illustrate the various erotic actions and coming up with a proper sequence of activities to make a complete layout is not something that comes easily, and actually is a failure point to most photographers that try.


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Erotic nudes are just as beautiful as artistic nudes, but takes a special model to do them.  Erotic nudes aren't porn since there is no insertion of anything anywhere.  That is my opinion.  Remember, porn is in the eye of the beholder.  Some models believe that just plain nude is porn.  You have to know what is comfortable with you whether it is no nude, artistic nude, erotic nude or even porn if done right.  Only you can make this decision.

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