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Chicago, Illinois, US

Not sure if I'm feeling my short hair now, but I definitely got used to it.

Do you prefer my short or longer hair? Thanks for your opinion!

- Ioannes

Oct 17 12 10:26 am Link

Makeup Artist


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Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Whilst you do suit short hair, I think that having longer hair suits you more.

Oct 17 12 11:22 am Link



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Chicago, Illinois, US

Thank you for your opinion!

Oct 17 12 11:42 am Link


Yves Duchamp- Homme

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

As a model, longer hair. For hot guy purposes, short.

Oct 23 12 05:11 am Link


Louise O Driscoll

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London, England, United Kingdom

Longer for sure.

Oct 23 12 07:33 am Link


Dannielle Levan

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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Longer. You can pull off a signature look.

Oct 23 12 02:37 pm Link

Makeup Artist

LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Oct 28 12 12:44 am Link


Nikki Magnusson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

longer hair...

Oct 28 12 01:00 am Link


Don Garrett

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Escondido, California, US

My unbiased opinion, longer !

Oct 28 12 01:08 am Link


Kawika Photography

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San Diego, California, US

My also unbiased opinion, it's better to have it long and cut it for a gig. Get great shots with both and let the market decide. GL

Oct 29 12 10:23 am Link