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Glenna Victoria

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SHERMAN OAKS, California, US

Hey fabulous hair people!

I was wondering what everyone recommends for a purple shampoo? I've been using tressa watercolors for the past couple months, however I'm pretty sure it's making my hair fall out? I'm shedding SO abnormally! Thank G-d I have enough hair for 10 people, though.

Anyone have any good recommendations to keep my yellow locks looking blonde?

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BKellerman MUA

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

When I was really blonde I was using Shimmer Lights by Clairol Pro...It worked great for me...

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Danielle Blazer

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Los Angeles, California, US

I like the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde products.

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Shimmerlights is usually my go-to as well. Be sure to use it as little as possible, though. I find it can be a little drying. Followed by a good moisturizing conditioner it perks right up, though.

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Kayleigh Erin

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

Unite Blonda Shampoo is my go to for clients with blonde hair.

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Christina Josephine

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Warsaw, Indiana, US

Shimmer Lights definitely- Sally's has their brand as well that I think works just as good if not better.

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BKellerman MUA wrote:
When I was really blonde I was using Shimmer Lights by Clairol Pro...It worked great for me...

+1. Not a hairstylist but between my gma(hairdresser), Matrix at a hair show I was in, and my current girl now, I've always gotten this.

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Melissa DKY

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Schwarzkopf Blonde Me shampoo for cool toned blondes is my favourite, it has a lot of moisture and it isn't too blue toned so your hair ends up a nice clean blonde instead of grey/flat

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Angel Graves

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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

I generally recommend Shimmer Lights to platinum blondes to use sparingly as any other colour correcting/toning product. Over saturation will cause a whole new problem of grey colour in your hair or blue etc based on the main colour of the toner.

Your hair is already damaged by a chemical change and makes is susceptible to things it generally wouldn't be so it is wise to take care to also remedy the damage in your conditioning step.

Use the colour wheel to choose the right toning shampoo to alter the unwanted colouring. Yellow is toned down by purple, orange by blue, red by green etc. There are a number of products out that combine blue and green for brassy tones etc and it's important to know the actual tone you need to remove so you get the right thing. Shimmer Lights is a very strong product and is so drying it is a once in a while solution usually instead of daily.  It's also a product that is great for brunettes and red head's to use to intensify their colour tho wink

hair loss/breakage- often in 'bleached' hair, you experience breakage and hair loss at the point of overlap of product application.  This causes a very weak spot in the strand that over time will snap and break off.  There is absolutely no way to prevent this if it is the cause only to slow the process as it happens until you can cut it out.  This is why it's so important to have a properly trained pro apply chemical products to your hair smile

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Ashley Riot

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I use Shimmering Lights by Clairol, it works very well! I've never heard of Shampoo making your hair fall out! Maybe you're just not eating enough protein?

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Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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London, England, United Kingdom

I don't know if its available in America but Lee Stafford's Bleach Blonde shampoo is really good and not at all drying, when my hair was white blonde it felt much smoother after using it. The purple tone is very strong though so you can't use it every wash or you'll just end up with grey tones. I used it every third wash and it worked well. It smells AMAZING too, like a spicy perfume.

Don't bother with the conditioner version though.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Shimmer lights is best in my opinion! It keeps my blonde, very blonde!

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Simire MUA

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London, England, United Kingdom

In addition to the above, if the hair loss is abnormally great i would suggest checking your iron level and thyroid function. Have a word with your physician.

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