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Drew Smith Photography wrote:
Or send him a link to this thread. smile

DAMN! you beat me to it! but hey I Would get the picture!

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RKD Photographic

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imcFOTO wrote:

I disagree. You may think everything has it's price and that people will do anything - even unpleasant if the money is good. Well most of the time you don't get to renegotiate once you've agreed to something. I think sometime men (and I am one too!) forget how intimidating it can be for a woman to work with someone who is obnoxious or makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. I say they should follow their instinct and avoid (or at least mitigate) the situations that don't feel right. It's not acceptable for photographers to be crass or rude - I don't care how talented they may be. Models aren't a piece of meat - they deserve to be treated as ladies don't they?

I was speaking in general terms - not just with regard modelling - I don't like it either, but we live in a materialistic world where money, the stuff it can buy and the aquisition of more wealth, are seen as the ultimate goals...

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Euan Anderson

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sometimes just saying 'no' is the best way.

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No, thank you.  :-)

Kindest regards,

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DavidLaskey Photography

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This really goes both ways.  I try to respond to everyone when I do a casting as well and a lot of times it can be tough to write to someone and say you just are not interesting in working with them.

Be polite, try and be forward.  I think you get yourself in danger when you leave it too open and just say that you are busy at the moment.

What I like to see and how I generally respond.

-- Interested

-- Not for this project, but love the work and want to find something in the future

-- Not a good fit

I think it is also different if you are being contacted directly versus a casting availability.

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Blaneyphoto wrote:
When declining a shoot offer, I simply cut and paste:


Thank you for your inquiry, however I'm not interested in shooting.

I've yet to encounter anyone who misunderstands the message and nobody has every sent an angry reply. Simple and direct is best.

That's very good. It's impersonal, the lack of interest could be for any reason, and there's no bullshit attached.

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First Light Photo

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Chain Reaction wrote:
Direct and to the point. Works for me. I'd really rather someone said no than nothing at all.


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RKD Photographic wrote:
I'm in two minds over this - on the one hand you shouldn't work with anyone you don't want to, but on the other, if you want to maintain a professional attitude to your modelling, then you should work with anyone and everyone as long as the compensation fits.

If TFP won't benefit your portfolio, ask for money; if the job sounds really crap with long hours, travelling and discomfort attached, ask for more money.

I'll photograph any damn thing you ask me to if the price is right - this is my job.

I agree with you to a point, but there does come a time when a model needs to protect their own brand and do their best to make sure only quality images of themselves exist out there. While it's easy enough to only publish their best work in their portfolios, the Internet, and social networking, does make it easy to find the other less than great images.

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JacquelineXx wrote:
How do you tell a photographer "no" when you aren't interested in shooting with them?

This is a little problem for me right now as a photographer isn't getting the hint by me not replying to his message... I LIKE BEING NICE so, nice suggestions please.

It's bugging the crap out of me though. His pictures are mostly nude/glamour, and a little bit risque. His grammar is HORRIBLE and I just.. no.

Personally I would rather be told no so I can move on - sometimes a photographer has a specific idea that your looks/body time/style would fit perfectly - and they have a really hard time letting go of the idea.

But tell me no, I would be cool with that because all visions can be modified - and if you are not interested - then it is time for me to move on and find someone else to work with. Personally I would thank you for your time - or at least try to explain my vision to you in the original proposal for work.

But then that is me, my 2 cents for what it is worth.


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