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Julie Alexandria

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I've always wanted to model. Maybe not high fashion because I am not that that thin but maybe lingerie? Ive been told I have features that modelling agencies look for- high forehead, high cheekbones. And I have long dark brown hair and green eyes. Do I have potential? Any advice? Sorry I don't have any professional pictures yet.

Have a good day! Thanks a lot xx

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

You need to get some professional photos done, look in the casting calls to see if any photographers in your area are willing to do a tf shoot (your basicly trading services to help build eachothers portfolio) From there you can determine what type of modeling is for you (swimsuit/lingerie, runway, fitness ect..)

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Urban Exp photography

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Tacoma, Washington, US

everyone has the potential to do something, so what would it hurt for you to try.  hit up a professional in your area, if you have to pay them then do it. if modeling is what you want to do then figure out a way and go for of luck to you.

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Fleming Design

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Hartford, Connecticut, US

OP, you have now started this identical thread 7 times and over that time (months) nothing has changed, you still even show the same 4 photos.  What are you doing?

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

Like Fleming said, how many times are you going to repeat this thread?

People have given you straight answers -- mostly along the lines of "there's no way of telling, given your current port" -- and you ignore them without the basic courtesy of a reply.

Given that you want an affirmative answer without having to take the most basic steps -- posting some portworthy images -- in order to earn the "yes, you have potential," I'd have to say, NO, you don't have what it takes. You're in love with the idea of being a model, but you won't do the work. You want egoboost without lifting a finger to earn it.

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