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xAlison Wonderlandx

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Your thoughts? smile

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Nay, shows very little of you

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JLC Images

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I think it would have had more of an editorial feel if you weren't looking at the camera.  Seems very snapshotish.  Not really feeling the makeup either

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Hector Pachas

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Nay, it's too static.. the focus goes to the door, and by chance you. You could try a lower angle or a closeup as in here

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David Sheldrick

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I think the photographer should have got closer to the cab and shot through the glass or something, to make the shot more interesting.

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It's close....but close only counts in horseshoes. wink

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JLC Images wrote:

I think it would have had more of an editorial feel if you weren't looking at the camera.  Seems very snapshotish.  Not really feeling the makeup either

I pretty much agree with that. It seems like the image was opportunistically shot with little thought to composition or pose. Not port worthy IMHO.

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Designit - Edward Olson

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xAlison Wonderlandx wrote:

Your thoughts? smile

Looking at the image I am not sure what the goal was. Was it to look like you were getting out of a
cab? The lack of apparent movement and the placement of your feet (one is in the gutter) indicates

So, if it meant to be an image of you sitting in the open door of a cab, let me critique it on that basis.

Unlike what someone else said, my eyes are drawn to you first, however your position in the image
is not optimal. Most of your body is blocked by the cab. Your chin may be angled up too high, which
ends up giving us a look up your nose that I personally don't find appealing.

Like I mentioned before, you have one foot in the gutter. The other foot is flat on the sidewalk.
Having one foot in the gutter between the car and the pavement makes it disappear. The flat-
footedness of your other gives it an absolutely certain lack of implied movement and causes your
booted leg to appear "weighty" and not elongated, which causes the overall image to lose any
sense of frivolity that your hair and makeup might produce.

I am not sure that your hair and makeup match your wardrobe, but I do see a bit of Rita
Ora's style in you which I like.

Not related to you, I don't like that the background is so distinguishable, and I really don't like
that I can read the words "Emergency Services" on the van in front of your cab.

I would have preferred an angle which
would have permitted more of your body to be visible, and I would have preferred more action or
the appearance of action.

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Orca Bay Images

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Nay. It's too static for an editorial shot and you're too obscured for it to be a useful model portfolio image.

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