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Rochester, New York, US

Just wondering if anyone else was going to participate in the American zombie apocalypse drill also known as Black Friday, and if you are, what are your purchases going to be?


One thing I noticed: Last year there were like NO SALES. At all, the few skimpy sales they had were cruddy and nowhere near doorbuster. Another thing I noticed is that this year there are TONS of sales, but every single place I'm going is actually doing their deals late at night on Thursday, instead of at 4am on Black Friday.

This year, I am thankful to be skipping Thanksgiving and going shopping instead big_smile

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Marceline, Missouri, US

I plan to avoid it again but I have been to one or two in the past.  The nice thing is, out here in Bumfuk USA, we don't have the huge, rabid crowds the cities do.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that Black Fridays follow Thanksgiving - a holiday in which we give thanks for what (little) we have?  Yeah, makes sense.

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Los Angeles, California, US

I might order a couple things online...same sales, less hassle.  Just have to be up at 12am to get the deals before everything sells out.  Need to grab some memory cards, maybe another jacket and a pair of boots if anything good is on sale.

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