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I'm a new photographer, been shooting for a couple of month. Let me know what you think and how I can improve! Cheers!

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Orca Bay Images

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Get your lighting under control.
Bad lighting, terrible composition. What were your trying to accomplish in this shot?
Good try, but way overexposed. Way too much vignetting.
No. Just NO.

Native American warbonnet and candy-coated lips on a bored model? No.
This is a big step in the right direction. Her head is hot (too brightly lighted) and you chopped her fingers, but this is otherwise pretty good.
Another good try. The shadows are a bit too dark and much of the guy disappears into the background.

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James Wang Photography wrote: I can improve...

Obtain an incident light meter, and more importantly learn how to use it to set your key and balance the remainder illumination sources to the key...  your ratios are all over the place...

nice high key btw...

the rest of your book just doesn't work...
practice, practice and more practice...

all the best on your journey...

Nov 24 12 08:23 pm Link