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Abbeville, Alabama, US

I'm new to this. I am curious what type of modeling my look would be best for. Thoughts?

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Coyote Creations NW

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The two beach shots shot potential.  The surfer in the background is a little distracting and I generally avoid armpits, but they show reasonably relaxed pose and expression.  The other do not add much, as much because of the photography as because of your modeling.  You'll likely replace these as you shoot more.

I wouldn't presume to tell you what you should do as a focus for your modeling.  That Needs to come from within yourself.  Developing your portfolio should include

A good, commercial style headshot.

Some poses where you can sit or recline, to show variety.  You look good in natural light.

If you are all all interested in fashion, get some full length shots in flattering outfits.  This needs to be in studio with good lighting.

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