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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Hi everyone., I need help !!!!
Looks like I am a victim of acne sad  and I am working really hard on getting rid of it. I don't bother with makeup too much in the everyday life... but when it comes to photoshoot, it would be fun for photographers to have less photoshop to do... but every foundation I buy is itchy on my face since I have sensitive skin and makes my skin break out even more !!!!!!! 
I would like to cover without it getting worse at every shoot !!!!!!!

      SOME HELP ?????????????????

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Maria J Campos

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I don't know about foundations, but you might want to try a microdermabrasion cloth and hand made african fog soap, they do wonders for acne with no chemicals, they work fast and help healing the scarring.

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House of Westenra

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Can you tell me which brand you were using? 

I know many people can be sensitive to fragrances.

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Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Yeah, in fact I'm allergic to perfum so that's probably why I am so sensitive sad  i tried a couple of cheap brands & tried maybeline also ...

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Linda the makeup artist

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Krys, there is a lot of information that needs to be said before a sound judgment can be made on this and a vis-a-vis session might be needed anyway.

A dermatologist might be able to help you with your acne problem overall. (You did mention that you are working to get rid of the acne, so what are the means?)

What skin type have you got / have you ever had it determined? The fact that your skin is sensitive and acne-prone doesn't mean it can't be dry.

What skincare products do you use and what skincare routine do you follow? The products used and foundation can affect each other, thus breaking you out or otherwise not working.

I have very dry and sensitive skin, so definitely feel you on the itching problem. Finding usable foundation for me has been a trial and error for me for ages. Try asking for samples. They don't have to color-match you perfectly at first, but do get some and put them on your face when you know you'll be at home for a decent length of time (like half a day or a day), see what the foundation does to you. If it breaks you out, throw the rest of the sample away. If it itches, do the same. When you find one that sits comfortably on your skin, hunt for a color match.

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For sensitive skin, try CoverFx and Lorac. They are fragrance-free, paraben-free, oil-free (lorac). Lorac's Natural Performance is medium to full coverage, while the Breakthrough performance is light to medium coverage. They are lovely. The whole line is designed for sensitive skin.
CoverFx has a liquid water-based foundation, a powder foundation and a beautiful cream foundation that are all light to full coverage. These are also designed for problematic skin. They are gluten-free, talc-free, mineral-oil free.

Hope that helps!

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