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Los Angeles, California, US

Trying to get back in to the game with a new look on my work so that I can hone and start booking models for a new series. I'd love to get a critique on what I've got up.


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Coyote Creations NW

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Most seem to be in a style that is bordering on caricature.  I think I am reacting primarily to the high contrast edges and limited detail in things like hair.  This may be your intent. Painting, even more so than photography, offers the chance to play with specific lighting arrangements.  It seems difficult to decode the lighting source for many of your paintings.  Again, this may be intentional style.  You have a nice feel for composition. Good luck.

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Sandra Vixen

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Well you seem to be very mature in your painting and you do it fairly well.

I wish I had more to say, but with that style you might have a very narrow audience. I guess what it lacks would be excitement, maybe add more contrast to your paintings.

Another thing to try out would be have parts of your paining be photographic and other parts be painted (with your new style).

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