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Double post = top of the muurrfuurring page.

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Raymond Irvine wrote:
Stop looking half-way around the world to place the blame on the DJ's.  They are really victims too.  The real culprit is the hospital and the incredibly poor judgement they used in assigning that nurse to the phones while there was high profile patient.

Whilst I'd agree that the hospital should have in place procedures that would prevent this - passwords etc, but what you are saying is like a gunman claiming the person they shot dead should have been wearing a bullet proof vest.

If the originators of the whole scenario had not 'pulled the trigger' then none of this would have happened.

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No matter much they apologize and give money to the victims, they're still not out of the woods immediately! … be-illegal

The legal team at this radio station better come up with a better legal defense, in the case this get ugly!

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Mary Thomson wrote:

Oh they made it very clear at the start of the interview that neither host were paid. But that was just for ACA, I don't know about the other one. I can understand her feeling sad, I get it, regret it whatever. But when have prank calls ever been funny? I don't think I've ever heard a prank call that wasn't with the intent to scare or humiliate the respondent. I was bullied with prank calls in my early high school years and I still think its just such a ridiculously low form of humor. I dont even listen to the radio now due to the low quality of the presenters.

EDIT: and that's not a recent thing, just to point that out. I've chosen CD's over radio for about a year now. Whenever I'm in anyone else's car the ads drive me insane!

Totally agree.... I too had that in my highschool years........

Most radio pranks are to in some way demigrate the victim of the prank. Look up the fiasco with SAFM and their wedding prank, or the family that could only talk to their relative through glass and they made it look like the guy would be deported and caused huge distress to the family ON AIR.........

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GK photo wrote:

to your first point. that is some VERY heavy supposition. i'm kind of hoping you were joking there. suicidal people tend to have thoughts for a while. they don't tend to just make a rash decision to take their own life.

point b/c: why? it's one thing to accidentally kill someone via a moving vehicle. but through the result of a prank phone call? man, stretch armstrong calls that rubbery.

again, the facts aren't even out. when they do come out, i hardly think this will have had anything to do with that phone call, and all this talk will be moot. then a family will be left to deal with the loss of a member, and a rabid media that is digging into hers (and their) whole lives.

So apparently she hung herself... … 49097.html

I'm gonna' guess that doesn't fit under "natural causes".

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Mary Thomson wrote:
Double post = top of the muurrfuurring page.

In English please lol

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