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Paolo Diavolo

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Martinez, California, US

my first attempt at making something try to look from the 1920's-30's.
i was hesistant to upload it, is it portfolio worthy?

Dec 09 12 03:39 pm Link



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Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I like it smile

Dec 09 12 04:05 pm Link


The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

I think the panties aren't what ladies in the '20's wore. I'm thinking more coverage and looser.

The toning seems a bit 'off' sepia.

I think you got the feel of the '20's, but little details got you.

Dec 09 12 05:45 pm Link



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New York, New York, US

NO! you have enough mediocre shots already.  Step up your game.  This is just a sketch of what you really wanted to do RIGHT?  You really wanted to get a setting consistent with the era to shoot her in RIGHT?  smile

Dec 10 12 07:11 pm Link