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Jason J Photography

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Mesquite, Texas, US

Heres the issue. I have been super happy with godaddy for a few years. However this week I discovered my website is NOT working for anyone using At&t for ISP. this includes att cell service for mobile internet (iphone, ipad etc). Its been a week or so since I had checked last, so it hasnt been down long but its been a couple of days now for sure.

I can use ANY other ISP and its fine. I can even use a proxy server/site to bypass blocked sites like at a school, and it works fine. Go daddy tech support even confirmed they are having NO issues. A trace route of my site's ip address confirms, the hops stop responding at an AT&T owned ip address before hop 4, which is internal to AT&T. So basically the consensus is, AT&T blocked a range of ip addresses for some reason and mine was one of them. I cannot get AT&T to do anything about it. They blame go daddy, saying the shared server plans are bad because a spammer or something is on the same server and they block (which they will not confirm has happened, but discussed it) IP addresses, this could happen. I do not even have ftp access either. fortunately my email still works

I cant switch ISP's due to availability in my area, but that does me no good anyway, because my site STILL isnt visible to anyone using att ISP.. Im not paying godaddy $200+ a year for a non shared server to host a 5mb website with a few hundred mb's of bandwidth a year. If I just switch hosting companies, Ill get a new IP address by default and should fix the problem. THIS STILL SUCKS THOUGH..

Anyone else had something like this happen? Recommendations for a cheap but decent web host to switch to? I have site mirrored locally so all I need to do is upload it and reroute the domain name (registered through godaddy as well, but my other site is hosted elsewhere and domain with godaddy and works fine.)

the site is

if youre on AT&T, try it, and after it doesnt load, go to any proxy server and try it.. works flawlessly.

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Hi Jason -

I've been using ENOM for the past 12 years. Never had an issue. You may wish to check them out. They're a full service company.

You can even open a reseller account to sell domain names, hosting services and related web/internet services to clients.

Good Luck.


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Damien King

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Brockton, Massachusetts, US

I tend to use MidPhase when I'm setting up websites for small business clients (and even for some small launch sites myself) as their shared hosting plans are very good for the costs: They will easily be enough for your hosting needs smile


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About godaddy- their interface is a nightmare, but the phone support is way too good. So godaddy if you like talking on the phone smile I think my next choice would be dreamhost, they seem like a solid company.

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Looknsee Photography

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So, AT&T blocks valid web sites because the server hosts a spammer?  And they blame Go Daddy?  Well, okay.  Go Daddy will probably blame AT&T's indiscriminate blocking algorithm.

You can ask Go Daddy to move your site onto a different server, citing this as the reason.  Try that.

I've been on Go Daddy for several years (after being shuttled from web hosts that got acquired, who in turn got acquired, who in turn got acquired, (about a half dozen times).  I'm happy with them.

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I use GoDaddy for my domains but not hosting.  I again got a deal for JustHost for $45 a year to host my site, Wordpress in this case.  But they offer far more control and a full virtual host; That adds to the complexity but gives flexibility, I actually host more the one domain and site on the server for example.

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Jennifer Jurca

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Portland, Oregon, US

What a perfectly timed post! I also need to oust godaddy and pick somebody else...

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GCobb Photography

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I also use Godaddy for my domains.  I've used for about 10 years with no issues at all.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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Kawika Photography

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San Diego, California, US

Your site came up on my cellphone which uses at&t. Your navigation on the left stays on-screen when I zoom in which is kind of annoying because it can take up 1/2 the screen. Otherwise, seems to work. I've had 200 domains with godaddy and a couple dozen sites so they've been pretty good to me. GL

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Patrick Walberg

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Salinas, California, US

I have no problem getting your site on AT&T either.  Must be a reginal think.  All I can tell you is stay way from Madcow ... umm Fatcow ... it's the worst!

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Jason J Photography

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Mesquite, Texas, US


Yes it is a regional thing. Confirmed it was One of the IP addresses in the loop here in Texas was blocked, along with the rest in its "range" or whatever reach they determined.

Go Daddy informed me they have many customers in this region experiencing this outage now (apparently I was one of the first to report it this week) and are trying a workaround/patch but its likely they will ultimately switch my server anyway.. Ill give them a day or two then switch servers within thier company but this really stinks. Id LOVE to just say Im dropping att, (because this is normal crap service from them Ive been getting for years) but they are my only option where I live and it doesnt fix the issue with any potential clients trying to see my site using att service..

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Stephoto Photography

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I'm on dreamhost, which has been working rather fantastically. No complaints here, and when I did have an issue (slow loading site) they took care of it immediately.

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Anthony Thurston

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Gresham, Oregon, US

I am a big fan of WestHost (, and I also use Wordpress Web Host for my Wordpress powered sites( If you need something more advanced, such as a VPS  then I recommend

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