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So i guess my modeling status at the moment, is that i've only had about two photo shoots. One with my cousin, for proscout in LA about two years ago which are the bow tie pictures, and another with the fanny pak shirt for my dance crew. I really want to expand my portfolio, and like in the Sacramento area, i'm hungry. I'm just asking for advice, info on scams, where i should take my modeling, and just things i can do to become more marketable. big_smile

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Paolo Diavolo

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if you click on your "My Stuff" tab, and look on the right side of the screen you'll see a thing that says Avoid Scams! looks like this:

if you click on it frin your My Stuff page, you can learn about scams there.
Or theres some information you're asking stickied at the top of the Newbie forum.

if you want to update your portfolio, which you should if your pictures are a couple years old, or no longer reflect your current look.

you can post an availability notice as an available male model, or a casting call asking for a photographer.

it helps to have professional photos in your portfolio if you want to be taken seriously.

your best bet is some sort of specialized modeling.
not sure what skills you have there.

in the mean time i think you should hire a photographer and update your portfolio with some lifestyle images, go the commercial route.

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