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Konnie A Stav

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, feel free to send me a friend request as i would appreaciate it.

Also, any advice on the do's and do'nts?
I have noticed that some of the photographers are not who they claim to be

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Verbatim Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

Read all the FAQ subjects at the top of each forum to start

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Caveman Creations

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Fort Worth, Texas, US

Well, yes. There are plenty of do's and don'ts.

Do, do your homework. When someone want's to shoot with you, message llamas in their portfolio, and ask how it was working with them.

Do read this..... … the-basics

Do read this.....

Now, if you would like to find photographers that you feel meet your needs as a llama, post a Casting call here. This will let photographers in your area know that you are looking for a photographer, and are ready to shoot. This is not however, the place to quote rates!

If you want to let photographers in your area know that you are available to shoot, have some openings in your Schedule, wanting to trade services for your port, or feel like quoting rates, post an availability notice here.... … litynotice

Read, read, read! Not getting taken advantage of is your new full time job! Make sure you train well for this new job! Either way, have fun, let the bad stuff roll off your back, and enjoy the Mayhem!

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Marc Damon

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Scroll to the top. Click the help button. It's on the top right. READ.
Then scroll to the top and click the Edu tab. READ.
Then click the link here.

Always remember that no one likes a diva and honey catches more flies than vinegar.

Good luck!

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Kev Lawson

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Konnie A Stavrinou wrote:
I have noticed that some of the photographers are not who they claim to be

If you notice this, please click the help link up in the top black bar, and click Contact a Moderator to let them know. Try and be specific with any proof you have that they are not who they claim to be. The moderators will try and verify who they are, and they have removed people for not being who they claim to be.

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