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Hair Stylist

Taylor Baucom

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Los Angeles, California, US

living a little north of LA California
im a hairstylist but i also do makeup and love photography!!! i dont no how this works yet but id love to work with people and build my portfolio!

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Caveman Creations

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Fort Worth, Texas, US

Well, welcome to the Mayhem!

How would you like to tell everyone on Model Mayhem that you have hit the scene, and are ready!? You can get traffic to your profile by posting an announcement on the front page! This may generate comments, views, listed photos, or tags. Returning the favor, is usually appreciated.

If you would like to let people in your area know that you are here and ready to work, an availability notice goes a long way! … litynotice

If you are specifically looking for a photographer, model, or other specialist here, a casting call will get the word out! Beware though, if you check "paid" in this, that tells everyone that you are willing to pay for their services! Not a bad thing, but something to keep in mind.

Going on vacation?! Wanna maybe make a contact, or a buck or two while you're there? Let us know where you are going to be by placing a Travel notice in the city/town/area you are traveling to!

Participating in the forums is a great way to talk to others in your industry, gain valuable insider knowledge, and possibly generate traffic to your profile. READ THIS CAREFULLY! Or risk being eaten alive by rats that take harbour in the other forums!

Other than that, any questions you might have, can be answered here in the Newbie forum, or in the Site specific forum on down the list. Enjoy your stay, and I wish you the best of luck! big_smile

[Edit] In all of my excitement for your new endeavor, I forgot to link you to the Announcements! This can be found at the bottom of the front page, where it says, "Make an announcement". Here is the link:

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Section 008

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Chicago, Illinois, US

network with photographers and wardrobe stylists

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Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Welcome to the party, enjoy!

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Tempe, Arizona, US


Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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