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Kendra from Canada

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Ford Toronto is closing, what do you think?

Jan 31 13 04:39 pm Link


Vanished Gone

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They're just downsizing and trying to focus on their larger markets.

It's sad in a sense because Toronto has a decent sized market but it doesn't necessarily receive much recognition from other markets in the grand scheme of things (most people from elsewhere don't realize there's actually quite a significant amount of work happening here). But with IMG buying out our fashion week, I feel like it's a step in the right direction for Toronto.

There are rumours swirling around about Wilhelmina opening in Toronto but no confirmation on whether that's fact or fiction.

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there are more people in the state of California than the entire COUNTRY Canada.

I can see why the market might be too small for them to keep a dedicated office in Toronto.

Feb 01 13 05:29 pm Link