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Carmen Make up and Hair

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Just completely revamped my portfolio, took out any photos I felt were bringing it down.  It is small now but I feel like they are all strong images.

Going in the direction of commercial/fashion/beauty artist. 

Would love to know what you think, what kindof shots I should add/remove, etc.

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Carmen Rachel MUA wrote:
...Going in the direction of commercial/fashion/beauty

Carmen this works well...

the other images are indeed toward the fashion editorial end of the spectrum and you are in a major market... assume you're looking to get signed?

Carmen Rachel MUA wrote:
what kind of shots I should add...

Carmen that would depend entirely on your target market...
For me, it would be bridal imagery... clean beauty... and done well i.e. excellent lighting, lens work and high end post processing...  Clean beauty is the most challenging of all to do well... and in my market the highest in demand and highest paid...

Editorial (fashion) especially B&W while enchanting will unlikely showcase your mastery of the medium in which you work... hope this makes sense...

all in all?  wonderful direction... congrats on creating a book that has an enchanting aesthetic... all the best on your journey...

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