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Do any of you ever prep a client's or model's face with an oil serum? Or mix an oil with foundation (ex: Fresh seaberry oil, argan oil)?

I'm thinking of buying the new Josie Maran Argan infinity cream … Id=1488733
but i'd like to hear your thoughts..


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Carmen Make up and Hair

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From someone who used to work at a large cosmetic retail and has literally tried most of the big name oils on the market right now, I have to say that the Argan Oil is probably my least favorite. 
Oil is great to carry around in kit, smooths flyaways, good for chapped knees/elbows/cuticles... I'd suggest Maracuja oil instead - this ones a bit more universal and even works on oily skin, whereas the Argan oil well get shiny really quickly on oily skin, and I found that even though my skin is not acne prone, I developed some pretty bad pimples when I was using argan oil on my face.  I continued to use it for body/hair but as a repurchase I would do the Tarte Maracuja instead. Hope this helps!

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Herman van Gestel

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grape-seed oil, full of anti-oxydants good for skin

i discovered now also mustard-oil!...a lot of side benefit's if the model is not allergic to it..if it feels warm it's not a allergic reaction, but increased blood circulation...

in any case, great oils to use in photoshoots smile


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Yes, i like to mix foundations with oils, i like squalene oil - good for oily and dry skin. Carmen is very right about argan - it is great for my mom but i have been breaking out like crazy using argan. I really want to try maracuja now! I get pure oil from a company called new directions aromatics, and recommend them for pure rare oils.

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Thank you for your input! I really appreciate it

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Heather N King

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Maracuja oil is pretty awesome. Speaking of which, Tarte offers makeup artists a 40% discount. wink

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