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MUA Amanda Fairweather

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ok I know brought up this subject again, but I have another question. Does anyone like the bh conclear palette?

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Lisa Berczel

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Search brought up a very recent discussion on BH Concealer: … st17993341

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Magnolia Beauty

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Since I'm here I might as well vent it out - I bought this when I started for the obvious: price and color range. I had a summer beach shoot - the whole thing melted! On a near 100 degree day, None of my other cosmetics melted, this thing completely liquified lol Hot mess!

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It sucks I actually got it today tried to use it on a shoot is crap. Their lip palette is crap too don't waste your money.

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Castorena stylist

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eyeshadows too lol! CRAP CRAP CRAP
The only decent thing I tried from Bh has been their brushes. Very basic. (EYE BRUSHES ONLY!)

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