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Kelly Ann Carter

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Hollywood, Florida, US

Take a look at my portfolio and let me know.

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Image Works Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

I don't like the crops and posing in some. One looks like a candid shot and unnatural. Another- the horizon is tilted. Some look repetitive and boring. Thats just what I see. I would start over again and include whole body and head shots. Work on the poses. I would of shot with you. I used to live down there for a number of years before moving to Orlando. Cheers smile

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

You have a couple of decent images. The others are rather 'posed' and not very interesting. They look like stuff you'd see in a catalog that was put together by unimaginative folks.

Break out of the conventional pose thing... be more adventurous in your posing.
Do something... it doesn't have to be much. For instance, if it's a swimsuit shoot on a beach, pick up a shell and look at it, or carry a big straw 'sun' hat, or play with a scarf around your waist used as a cover up. But don't just throw out your hip and smile. EVERYBODY does that.

Just my opinion.

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Makeup Artist

ShannonJennings MUA

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Please don't take this too much to heart because you are very beautiful but I find this particular shot quite masculine. I just think it's a  very unflattering angle for you & would lose that picture.

I like the last picture of you in the black bikini & your profile picture but I think it is a strange crop. (not that I really know anything about composition, but it looks weird to me)

I would like to see some shots of you with your hair off your face. I always think models are trying to hide something when they have bangs/fringes (depending where you some from) in all their pictures.

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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi. Find a photographer that is going to work with you & that you are comfortable with. I feel that your images lack direction. Great Moments Photography is right, crop in, & remember, it's all about you. I reckon you've got it all there, great looks and an awesome body. Try organizing a shoot where you aren't going to use the images for your portfolio, just have fun. Takes the pressure off and see how it goes, ask the photographer for definite direction.
Just my 2c. 
Best of luck.

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Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

You have a very beautiful look! And definitely some great images!

I would suggest you delete this one:
It just feels very awkward and unflattering. Other than this one, there is no photos I dislike.

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Anthony Croft

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El Paso, Texas, US

the shot of you sitting in chair.... you are somewhat expression-less... to me it seems trying to hard, or not at all...

With that being said... I'd still book with you. You have a great look.

Best Regards,


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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

You have a great look, but your photos are not capturing it as well as they should
Issues with cropping, lighting and posing are holding your portfolio back. Try to use photos where the photographer has not run logos across your body.

Feb 22 13 06:40 am Link