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Vampman Studios

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I recently posted a casting call for a series of photo shoots based off monsters from the original season of Power Rangers. I've been in a creative funk lately so I went back to my childhood to get ideas. Actually, I've gotten a lot of ideas from monster-of-the-day types of shows, from the goofy looking guys in rubber suits of Power Rangers to the overly-made-up monsters of Buffy to the subtle-yet-creepy monsters of Supernatural. But heroes vs monsters is only one type of genre. I want to see shoots by models and photographers who get their inspiration from the big or small screen. Any movie or show, any genre, just list the reference and I'll tell you if it fits or not.

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Jorge Kreimer

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The idea came from the brilliant film "In the Realm of the Senses" by Nagisa Oshima, though its atmosphere is completely different.

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RC Images

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This shoot was inspired by the video game "Left 4 Dead"

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Inspired by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

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Cynthia Serrano

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Sin City smile

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Bradford, England, United Kingdom

This was my sisters (the model) idea, based on the film The Loved Ones, about the jilted girl on prom night.

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