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Pierre Gussman

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San Francisco, California, US

Looking for any input on this image and how to make it better. Thanks!


Feb 24 13 12:06 pm Link


Alejandro Crespo

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Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Great work and picture big_smile.

There are some stray hairs at the top of the head.
I think there is some yellow/green color cast in the teeth
A little fix in liquify of the left side of the bottom lip, it looks like out of place in profile view.

Feb 24 13 07:18 pm Link


GER Photography

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Imperial, California, US

Some hair light for separation from the background.

Feb 24 13 07:30 pm Link


Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

maybe it is my vision but here eye does not seem in focus - if I am correct some lightening and sharpening?

her eye also looks quite small for her face and for the composition - perhaps select and free transform for size / enlarge?

There seems to be a lot of missing facial structure in the region from below her eye to her upper lip -  has it been over-smoothed or blurred?

the line of the cheek does not look quite anatomically correct either

not a fan of the cutt off arms / hands - and I am wondering if a re-crop that was a bit shorter and tighter might improve things a bit?

Feb 24 13 07:37 pm Link



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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

You have so much beautiful images in your port! But I really don`t like the look of this one, to me it has no glamour. I understand the contrast of this image between the bright face and the dark, but I think the face is maybe still overexposed and is looking too flat in the colors, in the brightness and in the sharpness. I´m sure this image would be look absolutely great with the right retouch, because the shoot looks good!

Feb 25 13 07:10 am Link


ChelleyCredible Retouch

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Shirt is way too dark. Cant see any detail. Seems over-contrasted.

Mar 06 13 02:01 am Link