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Lilly Ligotage

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Ive built up my port in about 6 months. How do you think Im doing so far?

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Hmm a lot going on there. I like the high key stuff but that's just me and my style I think.

A lot of the darker stuff looks snapshotty and under exposed.

Much of the bondage stuff has lighting issues and this
serves no purpose. It's a snapshot maybe even with a cell phone.

This could have been better but is way over proccessed

Again snapshot and you're not even in focus

This one I like, a little cliche but I like it anyway

This is nicely composed but terrible lighting, and out of focus. Could have been a very nice image were the execution better

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New York, New York, US

your port looks sad and inartistic.

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robert b mitchell

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Not good. 3/10 sad

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Lilly Ligotage wrote:
Ive built up my port in about 6 months. How do you think Im doing so far?

Do yourself a triple gigantic, ultra super sized, hyper ginormous favor- delete any and all images that suggest that you own the copyright to any image that you did not press the shutter release to create.
Beyond that- honestly if you've been at this for six months, perhaps it is time to consider paying a photographer for some nude portfolio images that could market your strengths.

ETA: I just read your profile... no.
good luck

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Seattle, Washington, US

3.5- Not good.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Think if you hired some quality photographers you could dramatically improve your portfolio

Wish you well

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JaW Images

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Los Angeles, California, US

I give it 4 out 15 (photos). I think the best photos in your port are the ones that don't show your face...especially the B/W suspension photos. (Although, one of them needs less editing.)

I also think you should be more open to doing TF shoots, since your body of work isn't very strong. And, as mentioned earlier, you should really consider hiring a photographer that will shoot nudes and glamour with you.

If modeling is something you really want to pursue, you need to look at it as an investment. Investing in a photographer who does great work will give you great photos...especially if the photographer is willing to direct you. Your poses and expressions aren't very engaging and you would benefit from more/better direction.

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Ankeny, Iowa, US

I would be more willing to work with you if I hadn't looked at your images.  Or your profile.

"As of right now I am only looking for paid shoots, so please do not contact me if its TF."


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