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Vojens, Syddanmark, Denmark

I'm looking for some critique on the body of work I'm displaying on MM. The comments are mostly centered on praising each other, and I have experienced a few times that my comments have beem deleted, because I suggested some little tweak in posing, lighting and post processing.

Let me have it. Is the body of work crap or decent work, would you leave some of the pics out of the portfolio. Would you tweak something? Should I stop doing some of the genres I'm displaying.

Looking forward to your input.

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

What you post on MM depends in large measure on what you expect MM to do for you.

If you are expecting MM to help you find models to work with, maybe you ought to post images that will attract models. I count 6 of your 15 images that have no model's face. Kind of hard for a model to be 'attracted' by an image that has no face, IMHO.

You also have some redundancy in the first images in your portfolio: shots of the same model in the same outfit. Pick the best shot, dump the rest.

Now if you just want MM to be a 'showplace' for you to show off your images, post whatever you like... landscapes, fancy cars, even cute cats... but don't expect models to flock to your door.

Just my opinion.

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Ok, without the sweet-talk:
You have two types of images in your port: those with direct eye contact, and those where the whole face is absent. I think there is a lot to be discovered between the two, which would be nice to see in your port!
Have a look at my critique topic if you like, too - thanks smile

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Jorge Kreimer

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I normally try to not hurt feelings, but since you asked for it....

You either have rather uninteresting portraits, or uninteresting studies in light and shadow.

Get more creative and experiment. Make the model the subject of the photos, not an object in the photos.

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