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Lindsay Ryan

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Los Angeles, California, US

so I really want to do something with my hair finally aside form having it strait but I have no clue how to go about it.

My hair is naturally curly but if I try to use a curling wand it doesn't really hold a curl.

i'm thinking of adding extensions but I've never had those either.

It's a little passed my shoulders but I just can't do anything with it! (i think)

I'm mixed half black and half white so I was wanting to know if anyone knew some techniques or products to use or do for the hair to make it more big and with big curls and maybe make it longer?

sort of like this but maybe a bit fuller or bigger, or even just like it.

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Ken D Photography

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Although I think your hair is fine in that photo, go to a stylist, have them fix your hair the way you want and pay attention to how they do it.

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Makeup Artist


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Lindsay Ryan wrote:
...want to do something with my hair... hair is naturally curly but if I try to use a curling wand it doesn't really hold a curl...

How large a section are you using? do you use a thermal spray product on each section before bring a curling iron to it?  how hot is your iron... temperature is EVERYTHING... biggest mistake I see most naive talent do is not catching the selection immediately after it comes off the iron... you've got to hold it in your hand till it cools else the curl will indeed fail right out... btw, don't wash/condition your tresses for at least 24hours before you style it with hot tools, squeaky clean hair just doesn't hold a curl well...

Lindsay Ryan wrote:
i'm thinking of adding extensions but I've never had those either.

Clip-ins? best advice is to have a stylist show you have to place these, it's not hard nor easy, just have to master the technique... since everyone's hair is a lit' different you simply have to have a skilled stylist work with you to determine what's going to work best...

Lindsay Ryan wrote:
...make it more big and with big curls

Use a larger diameter curling iron... throw your head down forward after you've curled your hair and work the curls loose with your fingers...

Lindsay Ryan wrote:
and maybe make it longer?

Patience, you'll get nine inches per year average... just get the split ends trimmed every couple of months, no length taken off...

Lindsay Ryan wrote:
maybe a bit fuller or bigger

Learn how to backcomb... seriously...

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I've got kinky curly natural hair and twist outs, flexirod sets and braid outs all lend themselves to curls.

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As a black man I'd suggest you find a beauty shop in your city that specializes in black womens hair. Visit them and describe what you want then p[ay them to do it. But just based on the way threads go on the Mayhem you may end up with a lot of advice thats neither helpful useful or good.

Alternately post this in the MUA, HS forum where they are actually more likely to read it. My impression is that while we Photographers will post anywhere and models post anywhere HS and MUA tend to hang in their forum.

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Leona Nicole

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I used to have hair your exact length. I am mixed too so I know the struggle! I used to use relaxers and straighten my hair all the time, it was always damaged and unhealthy looking. So I decided to try something new. I went with my version of the "curly girl" method.
1) I stopped using relaxers and straightening my hair. This was the hardest part because my hair was very short and just looked a mess most of the time.
2) I stopped using products with sulfates phosphates etc. At first I used mixed chicks which worked in the beginning but I found better products as I went along. Right now I use Kinky Curly gel and leave in conditioner, and Renpure Organics shampoo and leave-in conditioner. You can find these at Target.
3) My hair washing regimen was: every 2-3 rinse and wash with conditioner only +products, every 4-6 days wash with conditioner and shampoo. This helped with the dryness of my hair, and I think it also allowed my hair to grow more quickly and healthy looking.
4) Good diet. Lots of water. Hair/skin/nails vitamins and Biotin.

I also attempted having extensions, but for me it was just too much upkeep- if you do get them definitely avoid any glues or clamps those damage. Sew in are usually the best choice if you want to keep your hair healthy.
There are also other transition methods you can use to prevent straightening and things of these sorts.
I have found it is sometimes difficult to stay away from straightening, alot of the photographers I worked with wanted my hair straight BUT there are products you can use to have healthier straightened hair-- even though they will still damage it regardless.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

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Lana Belle

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Have you tried mix chicks hair product line. Or what about It's a 10 miracle leave in plus keratin treatment. Those work wonders for my hair.

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CK Webb

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Check out my blog for info on hair tips and hair care!


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