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London, England, United Kingdom

Hello all,

I am trying to develop a rich & colourful pin-up style - here is my latest effort

Interested in your first impressions.

Thanks in advance

Apr 15 13 11:40 am Link



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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Maybe I am missing something in the translation but pinup has a totally different feel then what you are showing.

The model looks good, I would take care of a crease or two on her

Apr 15 13 11:49 am Link


Totally ADHD

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Somerville, New Jersey, US

Of your work this one is closer to pinup style

Apr 15 13 05:31 pm Link


Alexander Retouch

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I like the execution of this, but I don't think Pin-Up when I see it.  I see a Quentin Tarantino movie poster.  Or an old time movie poster like this:

Great work though!

May 02 13 07:21 am Link