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Melanie J Utz

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Denver, Colorado, US

I was recently contacted by a female model and was asked to message an email to [email protected] so i did, and days later received a message saying he's a freelance with seventeen magazine and needs my home address, number, and where i work. I asked very respectfully to prove that he is with seventeen magazine and he replied, " you can't be doubting me if you want to work in this company", and "You are not forced to do the shoot and are not the only model contacted".  Can i report this at all?

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Kev Lawson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Moderator Note!
This is a scam email - please use

Also, if the initial message was through MM messaging, please flag the message and share the contents with the moderators:

Please use the "Flag this PM/Sender" feature found at the bottom of the message.
That even gives you the option to include the message that was sent to you so that we can take a look at that as well, no copying and pasting and all links will be intact.

Also, if you have not already done so please see this video and read the article.
Avoiding scams: The basics … the-basics

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Kezins Photography

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Beckley, West Virginia, US

Sounds like a scammer to me.  I'd consider reporting this to the magazine itself and forward them the emails.

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Anna Kl

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

100% Scam

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